Have you ever been to a new country feeling so excited at the beginning (called the honeymoon stage), but slowly started to feel anxious by not having a clue how things get done in the new place? You are not alone! You have experienced a culture shock! It has many parts and at its long exposure, it can cause serious issues, such as depression.

But it doesn't have to be this way! You can extend the honeymoon stage and learn how to continuously fall in love with your experience with these three strategies.

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Change Your Perspective

  • Admit the reality, it is not black and white, everywhere has it is pros and cons.

  • The new place may not be perfect but neither was the place you lived before.

  • Every day try to appreciate its positive side.

  • Think of or wire done one reason you like this new place every day.

  • Writing your memoir can help to reflect more on this!

  • Remember you have come this far you can go much further!

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You are in the middle of the winter and you miss your tropical hometown, what do you do?

Be Curious

  • Curiosity leads to seeing things from different perspectives.

  • It challenges the status quo and pushes you out of the comfort zone.

  • It helps to make connections and learn about the new culture enthusiastically.

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  • Revive your enthusiastic inner-child! Revive your wonder sense and take interest in new things you discover!

  • Make friends from different cultures. Ask for tips about living in the new place.

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  • Travel! travel a lot in the surrounding areas. Talk to people and do not be shy to ask questions even about simple things.

  • Take part in the evens, if there is none create your own! Share your stories with people and listen to theirs enthusiastically.

  • Do not lose the opportunity to discover!

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Mix It Up!

  • Immerse into the new culture.

  • Ask people about their customs! a great ice-breaker by the way!

  • Celebrate the parts you find interesting and mix-in your own cultural background.

  • Congratulations you have just taken the first steps towards Cultural Syncretism!

  • Cultural syncretism simply means blending different aspects of distinct cultures to create a new one.

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Take Action

  • Change your perspective

    • Accept that everywhere has its own advantages and disadvantages.

    • Find new reasons to like the new place.

  • Be curious

    • Revive your inner child

    • Make friends

    • Travel

  • Mix it up

    • Immerse into the new culture while adding your own cultural background to it.

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  • Remember it is ok to make mistakes, aside from the fact that we are humans other cultures do not expect you to act perfectly according to their customs.


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