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Sleep is important for many reasons; in fact, it's as important as diet, nutrition, and exercise. It helps your body function properly, improves attention, behaviour, memory and overall mental and physical health.

Lack of sleep is not only important in the short term - an ongoing lack of sleep can be associated with long-term health challenges such as heart attacks, mental health issues, and high blood pressure.

Improve Your Sleep!

Here are some tips to improve your sleep:

  • Reduce daytime naps

  • Exercise regularly, but not before bed

  • Increase bright light exposure during the day, reduce blue light exposure in the evening

  • Don't consume caffeine or alcohol late in the day

  • Avoid eating or drinking late at night

  • Try to go to sleep and wake up at consistent times

  • Take a melatonin supplement

  • Optimize your bedroom environment - dark, cool, quiet, with a comfortable bed

  • Wind down to clear your head before bed - use relaxation techniques


If you want to get a good night's sleep but you are feeling a little cold before bed... which one of these should you do?

Watch TV

Put on a warm blanket and get comfy

Have a cup of hot coffee

Have a shot of Alcohol


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Review the list of tips above and identify one or two that might be disrupting your sleep.

Then try to change those habits for a week! Take notice: what's the impact? Are you feeling more rested?


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