Are you considering a job in the financial industry?

Do you aim to have a career where you make a lot of money?

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If so, a career in investment banking might be a good fit. It's one of the highest-paying jobs in the financial industry, even for a new graduate!

Find out if this career might be right for you!

What do investment bankers do?

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Works in a finance firm or large bank (investment bank) to:

  • Manage risk for the bank and its clients

  • Raise money for clients to go public, improve, or expand

  • Support clients in mergers and acquisitions

  • Analyze and solve a variety of problems

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Specific tasks include:

  • Build complex financial models

  • Use financial computer applications & database management tools

  • Create statistical presentations

  • Communicate effectively in verbal & written language

  • Collaborate with teammates

Investment banking is a great career because of its...

Abundant opportunities

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You'll experience a steep learning curve when getting exposed to high-profile transactions.

Clear career path

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  1. Intern

  2. Analyst

  3. Associate

  4. Vice President

  5. Senior Vice President/Director

  6. Managing Director/Partner

Handsome compensation

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Investment Banker Annual Salary Table Investment banker annual salary table; up to $250 K in US and up to 275K in Canada.

Are you up for a challenge?

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Investment banking might be right for you if you're willing to:

  • Specialize in a FAME subject (finance/accounting/management/economics)

  • Graduate from a target school with a high GPA

  • Study for and obtain financial certifications

  • Perfect your resume and network like crazy to find a job

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It might not be for you if you aren't willing or able to:

  • Work long hours

  • Excel in math

  • Handle stress at work

  • Identify reliable informational sources

  • Keep learning and growing

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These people are looking for investment banking jobs.

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Jack graduated from the University of Toronto with a 3.9 GPA. Hemajored in biochemistry and has been working in a lab for 5 years. Now, he's planning for a career change into investment banking.

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William graduated from Ivey Business School with a 3.9 GPA. He has a few years of experience as a financial analyst at a small bank. He’s networking with investment bankers for better job opportunities.

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Julia is a new graduate from Harvard Business School with a 4.0 GPA. She has little work experience. She likes working on her own without talking to others because she’s shy. She’s looking for her first banking job.


Who sounds like the best fit for an investment banker’s career path?

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