An Information Technology Project Manager (ITPM) plans, coordinates, and monitors projects to deliver new information or technology (e.g., applications, software, or hardware).

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How Do ITPMs Contribute?

  • Help organizations decide whether an IT project is needed

  • Manage the project team to ensure goals are met on time and within budget

  • Communicate with project stakeholders

In short, ITPMs contribute by herding the cats!

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A Day In The Life

A typical day might see you:

  • Meet with project team members to keep them on track with deadlines and offer help

  • Write and distribute meeting minutes

  • Update the project plan with new activities or changes

  • Monitor project budget and costs

  • Work with developers to manage change

  • Manage project risks

  • Prepare a project status report for executives

What Skills Are Important?

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The top skills to be successful as an ITPM are:

  • Leading and motivating the project team through good times and bad

  • Actively listening and presenting information on behalf of the team

  • Negotiating and influencing stakeholders to keep the project on track

  • Being organized to know where things stand at any given moment

You'll Love It If You Like...

  • Leading and motivating others

  • Being organized and having a plan

  • Having a clear start and end date for your work

  • Finding creative solutions to complex challenges

  • Working with data and technology

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Choose A Different Career If You...

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  • Prefer working on things independently of others

  • Don't like attending a lot of meetings

  • Want to "go with the flow" instead of planning things out

  • Get annoyed when people want to change things

  • Can't work overtime when project deadlines get closer

Pick The Future ITPM

Flaticon Icon Peter

  • Likes developing apps

  • Very creative

  • Prefers to work on his own

Flaticon Icon Samantha

  • Very organized

  • Outgoing, likes meeting with people

  • Likes to plan before starting new things

Flaticon Icon Rachel

  • Likes working with others

  • Has an Engineering degree

  • Prefers developing over documentation

Flaticon Icon George

  • Great communicator

  • Visionary

  • Wants to start building before planning


Who is the best fit for the role of an IT PM?

But Does It Pay The Bills?

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Average salary is C$82,000/year

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Average salary is US$88,980/year

Take Action

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If a career as an ITPM sounds like a good fit for you:


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