So...what do education consultants do?


Are they education counsellors? Well, yes and no.

It depends on their clients' needs. While they often work with schools and school boards at a high level, they can also provide education counselling to parents and students.

Education consultants mostly:

  • Work with schools to evaluate their curriculums and suggest changes.

  • Help schools design new educational programs, advising them on "structure, content, and objectives."

  • Collaborate with teachers to create learning materials and resources.

What do they bring to the table?

  • They can advise parents and students "on educational planning, career choices, and post-secondary options."

  • They offer innovative curriculum improvements.

  • They train teachers and host education workshops.

If you're interested in pursuing a long-term career in education after gaining some teaching experience or an education degree, being an education consultant is a great way to make an impact on students.

What Does A Typical Day Look Like?

In a typical day, an education consultant might:

  • Create learning materials or plans for specific programs.

  • Deliver support materials to particular groups of learners or individual students.

  • Host workshops and events for educators on various topics.

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What would a Education Consultant NOT do?

What Kind Of Experience Do I Need?

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Exact requirements will vary between countries, regions, and jobs, but you can expect to obtain at minimum a bachelor's degree in education, human resources, business, or psychology.

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Masters degrees in the following programs can be useful to become an expert:

  • Curriculum and instruction

  • Educational leadership

  • Education technology and instructional design

Where Might An Education Consultant Work?

Your role will be based in an office if you work for a school or educational institution, or you might work remotely as a freelancer. There may be travel, as you'll often meet with clients or observe school environments.

In either scenario, you will have tight deadlines and multiple projects to manage.

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What skills will help you manage tight deadlines? Select all that apply:

What Can I Expect To Earn?

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The average annual salary for an education consultant in Canada is CAD $72,529.

The average annual salary for an education consultant in the United States is USD $69,327.

How much do similar professions get paid in the United States?

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  • Career consultant: average $45,253 per year

  • College consultant: average $55,367 per year

  • Learning and development consultant: average $71,027 per year

Is It A Good Fit For You?

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You'll love it if you...

  • Have the ability to work on more than one project at once.

  • Love to work with a team, but also on your own initiative.

  • Can master the ability to meet tight deadlines.

  • Have a passion for education.

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Look for another career if you...

  • Wouldn't like working with tight deadlines and juggling projects.

  • Building up your own network and maintaining relationships with clients sounds stressful.

  • Prefer to have direct contact with learners in the classroom.

Take Action

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If you think this role is a good fit for you, note some key questions that you might be asked in future interviews:

  • "What strategies do you use to ensure that the programs you design are effective?

  • "How do you assess student learning?"

  • "What challenges have you faced while implementing new educational programs?"


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