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Ever wondered what's on the moon?

Does floating in space sound like a fun adventure to you?

If yes, then being an astronaut could be the right job for you!

Who Is An Astronaut?

Astronauts are specially trained scientists who go to space to study and learn more about what's beyond our planet Earth.

So what type of astronaut would you want to become?

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Mission Specialist

Mission specialists astronauts conduct experiments and launch satellites in space. They're also trained to make repairs to spacecraft as well as space stations.

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Pilots astronauts are responsible for the safety of the flight and the crew, and ensure mission success.


The job of an astronaut includes:

More About The Job

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Astronauts never stop learning and wondering!

  • They assist in building and maintaining NASA vehicles and spacecraft

  • They observe and monitor changes around the Earth

  • They conduct life-saving research in space

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How to Become an Astronaut

NASA selects candidates who meet all of these requirements:

  • Have a degree in engineering, biological sciences, physical sciences, or mathematics

  • Are able to pass NASA's demanding space flight physical

  • Have at least two years of relevant professional experience

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Expect training to last between a year or two. Astronauts in training learn:

  • Survival techniques for land and water

  • Proper use of spacesuits

  • Scuba diving

  • How to fly a space shuttle

  • How to navigate low gravity or environments with different air pressure

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Assess Yourself

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  • You're investigative and you love science and scientific experiments

  • You're curious about the earth, space, and the universe

  • You're resilient, both physically and mentally

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  • You hate physics or mathematics because that's what this job involves, for the most part

  • You like to have a routine 9-5 job. Astronauts work in space and there's no standard time set for work

What About Salary?

An animation of an astronaut doing a space walk while catching floating dollar bills. Astronauts get paid based on a combination of experience and academic achievements.

  • New astronauts starting out could earn up $65,140

  • Experienced astronauts can earn $100,701

Choose the best future astronaut!

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Anita recently graduated with a bachelor's degree in engineering. She loves science and can work out complex math and physics problems. She's scared of heights and can't swim.

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Rufai has a major in physics. He loves adventures. He appreciates science and loves heights. Rufai is good at problem-solving and knows how to navigate tough situations.


Who could potentially become an astronaut?

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If you want to pursue a career as an astronaut:

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