Do you have a passion for travel and a desire to share it with the world? If so, then becoming a travel vlogger may be the right path for you!

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Travel vloggers create original video content about their travel experiences and share it with a wider audience via social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

Flaticon Icon Digital content creation is exploding, but can you really make a career out of it? Discover how to make travel vlogging your new side hustle or even full time job!

Life as a Travel Vlogger

From the followers’ perspective, it may look like all glitz and glamor...

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...but behind the scenes, there's a lot of hard work!

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Successful travel vloggers continuously:

  • Research and plan their next trip

  • Document their adventures

  • Edit hours of video footage

  • Upload on a regular schedule

  • Manage their social media presence

  • Network with others in the industry

Perks of the Job

Don't worry, it's not just hard work. There are many benefits, too!

  • Broaden your horizons — see the world, gain new perspectives

  • Professional passion — it's a labor of love

  • Freedom & flexibility — be your own boss, set your own hours

  • Preserve memories — document all your travels digitally

  • Creative outlet — produce artistic videos

  • Connection — join the community of travelers and vloggers

  • Inspiration — motivate others to explore the world, too!

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But Does It Pay The Bills?

The short answer is: maybe.

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Let’s start with how travel vloggers make money:

  • Advertising — run ads in your videos and get paid when viewers click on them

  • Sponsorships get free swag (and trips!) for promoting companies in your videos

  • Fan funding — loyal followers may pay a subscription fee to access your bonus content

  • Merchandising — promote your brand and make money by selling your own merch

  • Affiliate marketing — when your followers buy products from the links in your posts, those companies give you a percentage


As a travel vlogger, you decide that one of the ways you'll make money is through the sale of your logo hoodies. This is an example of:

So How Much Can You Expect to Make?

With so many ways to earn in this non-traditional job, it’s difficult to quantify average salaries. However, a recent survey of 29,000 social media video content creators found that:

  • 37% make a full time income

  • 28% earn a solid part time income

  • 35% only make side hustle money

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Let's break that down into actual money...

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  • full time = $2,500+ USD monthly

  • part time = $500 - $2,500 USD monthly

  • side hustle = < $500 USD monthly

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  • full time = $3,380+ CAD monthly

  • part time = $675 - $3,380 CAD monthly

  • side hustle = < $675 CAD monthly

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Keep in mind that as an entrepreneur, it will take time and effort to build up to these earnings. Most professional vloggers recommend starting out as a side hustle and working towards full time, if that’s your goal.

Would Travel Vlogging Be a Good Fit For Me?

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You’ll love it if you're…

  • Passionate about travel

  • Independent and adaptable

  • Creative and entertaining

  • Open to sharing your life

  • Disciplined and determined

  • Excited to connect with people

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Consider something else if you…

  • Prefer predictability and stability

  • Require a steady income

  • Want to limit your social media use

  • Don’t like being in front of the camera

  • Place a high value on your privacy

  • Prefer to stay inside your comfort zone

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Quiz Time!

Consider these potential travel vloggers:

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Hannah: strong writer, loves travel, shy, artistic

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Alex: adventurous, disorganized, problem-solver, large debts

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Malik: creative, takes direction well, prefers order and routine

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Zara: planner, open-minded, charismatic, resilient


Pick the future successful travel vlogger:

Take Action

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If you've decided that travel vlogging is right for you, follow these steps to get started…


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