Imagine a world without transportation managers...

Organizations rely on transportation managers to take charge of their transportation-related operations so that goods can get into the hands of consumers.

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But how do you know if you'll love being a transportation manager? What exactly does the job demand?

How does a transportation manager contribute?

Large industrial companies depend on transportation managers to make sure goods reach their destination. A transportation manager:

  • Plans and coordinates daily shipments

  • Ensures all operations run smoothly from production to the end-user

  • Recommends cost-effective ways to ship goods

  • Checks and reports on transportation costs

  • Conducts equipment safety audits on a regular basis

  • Keeps on top of the latest safety regulations

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What experience do I need to become transportation manager?

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Follow this career path to become a transportation manager:

  1. Earn a Bachelor's degree in Business or a related field.

  2. Apply for a transportation management internship in the field to gain on-the-job skills.

  3. Begin your career as an entry-level transportation manager for at least 2 years before you consider more senior positions.

  4. After a few years in a senior position, you can be promoted to a lead transportation manager role.

What is a typical day like?

  • Plan, organize, and manage subordinate staff's work according to organizational expectations

  • Coordinate transportation-related activities, such as dispatching, routing, and tracking

  • Check that employees comply with policies, procedures, safety, environmental, or government regulations

Drake disapproves of chaos and disorder, but approves of planning and attention to detail.

What skills do transportation managers need?

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  • Leadership

  • Fuel management

  • Organization

  • Flexibility

  • Detail-oriented

  • Customer service

  • Critical thinking

  • Truck maintenance

  • Problem-solving

  • Communication

  • Inventory control

  • Load planning

Where do transportation managers work?

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Transportation managers are found everywhere transportation-related operations are available:

  • Manufacturing industries

  • Freight companies

  • Warehouses

How much do transportation managers make?


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$73,163 per year


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$100,379 per year

You will love it if you...

  • Enjoy performing transportation tasks like dispatching, routing, and tracking.

  • Are a creative problem solver.

  • Like adheringto policies, procedures, and safety rules.

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Look for another career path if you...

  • Can't make quick decisions.

  • Have trouble adhering to timelines.

  • Are shy talking to others.

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Pick the future transportation managers

The following commerce students all have part-time jobs in customer service. They're all considering a career path in transportation management.

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Liam: staff coordinator at a trucking company

  • Has excellent communication skills

  • Completes tasks in a timely fashion

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Sharon: sales assistant at a hardware store

  • Resolves customer complaints

  • Attends company's safety meetings

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Kiara: assistant manager at a supermarket

  • Trains new staff

  • Negotiates and secures contracts with the store's food suppliers


Who would make a good transportation manager?

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