Do you want to help people with their communication skills?

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Consider becoming a speech language pathologist (SLP)!

The Actual Job

SLPs help people to become independent communicators using speech, gestures and/or communication aids as needed.

SLPs screen, assess, identify and treat: 

  • Disorders of speech, language, voice, fluency (stuttering)

  • Swallowing and feeding problems 

SLPs may limit their practice by age, type of disorder or interest.  


Which of the following duties does a SLP NOT do?

Where You Will Find SLPs

SLPs work in a variety of settings.

  • Hospitals 

  • Clinics

  • Schools

  • Rehabilitation centres

  • Nursing homes

  • Early intervention programs

  • Universities and colleges 

  • Research centres

  • Private practices  

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Top 6 Skills Of SLPs

SLPs are dynamic professionals! On a day-to-day basis, SLPs:

  • Readily take care of the needs of other people.

  • Closely observe and take notes to develop an informed treatment plan.

  • Plan, manage, develop and carry out specific treatment plans for individuals.

  • Educate and explain problems with sensitivity to individuals and their family.

  • Engage in research to solve problems.

  • Work in a team. SLPs work closely with teachers, doctors, nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists and other health professionals.

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Which of the following skills is the most IMPORTANT when speaking to parents about their child's hearing loss?

What Education Is Required?

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In Canada and the United States , a master’s degree in speech-language pathology (or equivalent) is required to practice.

In the United States, an undergraduate degree in CSD (Communication Sciences and Disorders) is the most common pathway into speech-language pathology graduate programs, but is not required.

Show Me The Money!

Canadian flag icon Median national wage is $42/per hour

icon United States of America flag Median national wage is $38.04/per hour

Choose The Next SLP

Icon of man in a wheelchair

Farhan enjoys working indepedently in a quiet environment.

Icon of woman with long black hair, wearing a sari and bindi Sharmilla enjoys planning and working in team environment.

Icon of woman with short black hair, wearing a blazer and headset. Julie prefers to work from home helping people organize their finances.


Who would make the best SLP?

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