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Do you want to be exceptionally well-informed about the wonderful world of wine? Do you want to share that knowledge with others?

Then being a sommelier might be the right career path for you!

What do sommeliers actually do?

  • Specialize in every aspect of serving wine and sometimes assist with all beverages at a restaurant.

  • Create a wine list for guests at a restaurant of up to 200 or more different wines. They also collaborate with the chefs in the kitchen.

  • Explain food and wine pairings to customers and make sure guests are satisfied with their individual preferences.

  • Organize wine tastings at restaurants, companies, or private events. Sommeliers also train others about wine at establishments.

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What do I need to become a sommelier?

  • Although formal education isn't always required, many people decide to study wine, sommelier, or beverage certifications.

  • Gain experience with beverages and the hospitality industry.

  • Join a wine tasting group. You can practice with family and friends by organizing wine tastings and become comfortable answering questions about which wines pair with certain food and dishes.

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Where can I work as a sommelier?

You can...

  • Find work at fine dining restaurants.

  • Lead wine tastings at wineries.

  • Work at places such as resorts, hotels, cruise ships, and casinos.

  • Become a teacher for a wine academy for in-person or online classes.

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Will it pay the bills?

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In the U.S., the average salary for a sommelier is 63,000 USD.

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In Canada, the average salary for a sommelier is 44,000 CAD.

You'll love it if you...

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  • Are passionate learning about wine and beverages.

  • Want to work with people from around the world.

  • Enjoy explaining and simplifying complicated wine topics.

  • Are confident in front of an audience.

  • Think outside the box while pairing food and wine together.

Look for another career path if you...

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  • Don't like wine or beverages.

  • Don't have a growth mindset. Since there are new wine trends and different wines on the market frequently, you should constantly try to keep up with the industry news as a sommelier.

  • Hate working evenings or holidays. However, the actual working hours depend on every job.

  • Are sarcastic and condescending when people ask you questions that you think are obvious.

Choose the future sommelier!

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  • Prefers traveling in a small group

  • Enjoys reading, watching movies, and listening to music in her free time

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  • Prefers working alone

  • Never liked working during the weekend

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  • People person

  • Likes recommending different recipes to her friends


Who sounds like they would be a great match for a sommelier?

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