"I look at society and its effect on people."

Yes, but what do you actually do as a sociologist?

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Sociologists study human society and social behaviour to understand and find solutions to complex social issues.

If you are interested in human behaviour, social organization, culture, and social change, a career in sociology might be for you.

How Will You Contribute?

The study of sociology benefits both individuals and society as a whole.

The more we understand the social issues and challenges facing us, the better we can address them.

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Because of the field's breadth and diversity, there is virtually no life area where a sociologist's contributions are not valuable.

Specialization areas include:

  • Education

  • Family

  • Race and ethnic relations

  • War

  • Peace

  • Social psychology

  • Gender roles and associations

  • Political sociology

and more!

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What Will You Do On The Job?

  • Plan and execute research to develop and test theories.

  • Develop, implement, and evaluate methods of data collection.

  • Collect data about people's behaviours in groups.

  • Prepare reports about research findings.

  • Present research findings at professional meetings.

  • Advise policymakers and other groups based on findings.

  • Teach sociology.

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The Skills You Will Develop:

  • Understand group dynamics and different perspectives.

  • Construct and examine persuasive arguments.

  • Collect, manage, and interpret complex forms of data.

  • Communicateeffectively through written and oral presentations.

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Rupal wants to choose a career path that will allow her to support communities and ensure vulnerable people are safe from harm. She prefers working directly with individuals and does not enjoy paperwork or a desk job. Is she a good fit as a sociologist?

Where Can You Work?

Because of its far-reaching nature, a degree in sociology can open up a diverse range of career options in fields such as:

Flaticon Icon Criminology

Flaticon Icon Guidance counselling

Flaticon Icon Higher education lecturing

Flaticon Icon Human resources (HR) representation

Flaticon Icon Market research analysis

Flaticon Icon Political analysis

Flaticon Icon Social work

Flaticon Icon Survey research

Sociology jobs typically require a Master's degree, and most sociologists hold a Ph.D. Many bachelor's degree holders can find jobs in related fields.


Which of the following jobs is a sociologist trained for?

How Much Can You Make?

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In the US, the average salary for sociologists is $83,000 USD

Entry-level positions start at $47,000 USD

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In Canada, the average salary for sociologists is $90,000 CAD

Entry-level positions start at $69,000 CAD

You Will Love It If You:

  • Are fascinated with how people interact with each other.

  • Prefer working with ideas over physical activity.

  • Have an investigative nature and enjoy working with data.

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Stay Away From This If You:

  • Enjoy practical, hands-on work.

  • Dislike abstract, theoretical thinking.

  • Are a risk-taker and like fast-paced working environments.

  • Are not interested in pursuing postgrad degrees.

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