Do you want to strut down the infamous red carpet as reporters fight for your attention?

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Becoming an actor is one way to get yourself into the spotlight! But how do you know becoming an actor is the right pathway for you?

What Do Actors Do?

  • Interpret and portray characters through art mediums to entertain audiences

  • Use facial and body language to illustrate characters' emotions and thoughts

  • Engage in research activities to enhance character role (shadowing, reading, etc.)

  • Collaborate with team (film writer, director, etc.) to understand the role being portrayed

  • Improvise and adjust to changing filming conditions

Where Can Film/TV Actors Work?


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Depending on the culture, language, and society, actors can plant their roots in any country around the globe. There are hubs in India, Canada, and the UK.


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There are major hubs for actors in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, and Atlanta.

Actors Can Also Take On Animation And Cartoon Voiceovers!

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Will You Enjoy A Career As An Actor?

You will love it if you have...

  • Creativity: use your imagination and energy to bring writing to life

  • Empathy: understand other people's emotions and feelings

  • Adaptability: adjust behaviour to reflect the changing environment and team expectations

  • Reading skills: enjoy practicing lines repeatedly to successfully memorize all content

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You'll hate it if you are not...

  • Flexible: actors tend to work long hours, often on the weekends

  • Patient: you'll need to submit multiple auditions on a continuous basis

  • A communicator: you'll need to use diverse communication tools to engage with different people

  • Willing to take risks: actors often need to maintain a side job in the early stages of their career and lack job security

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Which is NOT a great attribute to have as an actor?

What Do Actors Make?

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In Canada, the average salary for actors is $59,855 CAD.

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In the United States, the average salary for actors is $57,778 USD.

Through Storytelling, Actors Offer The World...

  • Happiness

  • Tranquility

  • Excitement

  • Entertainment

  • A sense of belonging

  • A community (think about the Marvel, Sony, and Disney worlds)

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