Do you love science?

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Are you a good communicator?

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Why not combine these two interests and become a science communicator!

Why Is Science Communication Important?

Effective science communication is critical to having a positive impact on the way science is viewed by the public.

-- Robert Irion

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Most Americans have a positive image of scientists, but many don't see them as good communicators.

What Do Scientific Communicators Do?

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Scientific communicators communicate scientific information to non-scientific audiences.


  • are digital storytellers/narrators

  • translate complicated science-related information into understandable language for the general public

What Skills Do They Need?

Read. Write. Repeat. It's all about reading, writing, thinking, and speaking.

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Essential skills include:

  • Writing ability

  • Critical thinking

  • Strategic planning

  • Public speaking

  • Editing

  • Creating and using charts

It is helpful to know how to:

  • Podcast

  • Write a blog

  • Establish media connections

  • Create videos

  • Use social media

Where Do They Work?

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  • Labs

  • Universities

  • Research centers

  • Newspapers, magazines

  • Online publications

  • Television

You Might Love It If...

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  • You're really into science.

  • You're curious about the world around you.

  • You can think critically when reading about research findings.

  • You love to read, read, and read more.

  • Talking to people and reaching out to them is your thing.

It's Probably Not for You If...

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  • You get tired of reading the latest scientific debates, like whether butter or margarine is best.

  • You don't like to connect with other people.

  • You couldn't care less about how well-informed people are.

  • Science seems boring to you.

How Do I Become a Science Communicator?

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  1. Earn a degree. The most valued degrees are Science Communication degrees, or any teaching-related degree.

  2. Get some experience. Volunteer. Complete an internship.

  3. Network. Attend a conference. Connect with peers on Linkedin.

  4. Grow your skills. Besides your communication skills, science communicators need to keep up to date with the latest scientific research.

Money Talks

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The average salary for a scientific communicator is:

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United States


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Take Action

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If science communication seems to be your thing, start today by taking these steps.


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