Do you want to give someone a hand? How about an arm or a foot?

A prosthetist makes prosthetic limbs (artificial limbs or other body parts) for people who are missing, have injured, or have lost arms, fingers, and even eyes. A prosthetic body part is known as a prosthesis (or plural: prostheses).

The terminator showing his bionic hand

Try to say this 3 times really fast:

"A prosthetist makes prostheses."

If you want to help people solve physical challenges with bionic technology, a career as a prosthetist might be the right one for you!

Prosthetist life in 40 seconds

Here is a quick overview of prosthetist awesomeness:

Video above 0:01 - 0:41

And yes, the narrator of the prosthetist video above mispronounced prosthetist ¯\(ツ)/ (as you know from your own practice above).

Prosthetists also:

  • Talk to patients about what they need

  • Choose materials

  • Design devices

  • Measure patients and prosthetic devices

  • Adjust or fix prostheses

You got what it takes to do this?

A woman holding up a sketch and saying: I could make, like, a prosthetic head.

Flaticon Icon You might enjoy being a prosthetist if you...

  • like to work with people but don't mind working alone at times

  • can work with machines and tools

  • have a creative mind

  • want to help others improve their lives in a meaningful way

Flaticon Icon Skip this career if you...

  • can't take being in college for six years or more

  • want a predictable daily schedule

  • are unwilling to study for exams and certifications

  • prefer to work outdoors

Different types of prosthetists

  • Limb specialist: prosthetist

  • Eye specialist: ocularist

  • Teeth specialist: prosthodontist

  • Facial reconstruction: anaplastologist

  • Pet specialist: veterinary prosthetist

Dog walking with front limb prosthetics

Money, honey!

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In the United States, the median pay for prosthetists is $75,440. Not bad! It comes out to $36.27 USD per hour.

In Canada, a prosthetist would typically make $38.08 CAD an hour , which results in a nice $79,102 for the year.

Where do prosthetists work?

Prosthetists work in manufacturing facilities, doctor offices, clinics, health and personal care stores, and hospitals.

Dental prosthetic being made

Prosthetist looking at prosthetic leg

Who may need prosthetics?

  • People with limbs missing at birth

  • Accident victims

  • Amputees

Prosthetists can make a big difference in someone's life as seen in the TikTok below:


Being a prosthetist is a job that is growing faster than other jobs. Why might that be? Think about population trends and select all that apply.

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