Have you ever been injured, or helped an injured person?

Then you know how hard it is to move after an injury.

Women walks in door with neckbrace on.

A physical therapist, or DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy), is a doctor that treats problems of movement.

Yes, they help a person recover from an injury, but they do so much more. A physical therapist can treat movement problems that can be associated with bones, muscles, brain, heart, lungs, and skin. They have to know the workings of the body.

If you'd like to help the injured and learn more about the body, why not consider a career as a physical therapist?

A Day In The Life Of A Therapist

Spongebob cleaning with 5 hands and a foot. There's a lot that goes into the day of a DPT.

  • Paperwork — keeping track of patient records, goals, treatment plans, and progress

  • Consultations — learn about patients' symptoms

  • Diagnosing — if a patient can't move a body part, or it moves with pain, or it moves too much, a DPT can find the problem

  • Teaching — showing the patient exercises and techniques for home healing

  • Massaging — stimulating muscles to help in healing

  • Assist — showing patients how to use wheelchairs, braces, crutches, etc.

  • Advise — helping patients figure out their best treatment options


Which might a physical therapist do during the day?

What's The Salary

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A physical therapist's salary begins at around $60,000 a year and can grow upwards of $100,000 a year.

However, the salary is dependent on the state you live in and other factors. For example, if you live in Nevada, you could have the potential to earn more than living in Vermont.

Where DPTs Work?

Physical therapists work in a variety of locations.

Computer on Desk in office with city view. A DPT spends time in both an office...

Empty gym with exercise equipment. ...and a gym-like setting.

They may work in:

  • outpatient facilities

  • hospitals

  • nursing homes

  • rehabilitation facilities


  • research centers

  • sports/fitness facilities

  • schools

  • home health


Who might you work with as a physical therapist?

How Do I Become A Physical Therapist?

  1. Earn a Bachelor's degree. Not just any degree will do! You have to be sure to take pre-requisite courses and do well. Most pre-requisites are science-based.

  2. Apply, get accepted, and complete a 3-year doctorate program.

  3. Pass the national PT exam.

  4. Apply for your state license.

  5. Complete a fellowship or residency (optional).

  6. Recieve board certification (optional).

Graduates in cap and gown Photo by Charles DeLoye on Unsplash

It's a huge commitment. But if you push through and focus, you'll be Dr. [Your Last Name Here]!


Which would be a good fit for PT school?

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If this seems like a good fit for you, here are a few steps that may help you achieve your goal.


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