Marketing is all about designing and implementing effective communication strategies between the business and the consumer through multiple media channels.

I know what you're thinking... that's all well and fine, but how do I know if I want to be a marketing manager? What does the actual job entail?

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The Actual Job

Some of the main responsibilities of a marketing manager are:

  • Creating marketing plans to identify effective pricing, target audience and promotional methods.

  • Overseeing advertising, branding and promotional campaigns on traditional and digital media channels.

  • Budgeting/forecasting for campaigns and preparing financial reports to gauge effectiveness.

  • Increasing brand awareness and market share for the company.

  • Managing communication between multiple stakeholders.

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Where Can I Work As A Marketing Manager?

Marketing is a multifaceted field that can take you in different directions. Some of these career options are:

  • Market research focuses on collecting and analyzing data on target audiences and markets.

  • Brand management focuses on directing marketing efforts to increase the overall value of a brand.

  • Advertising focuses on the creation of material (print, TV ads, digital content) to influence purchase decisions.

  • Digital media marketing focuses on advertising and communications delivered through digital media channels.

  • Public relations focuses on managing communications with multiple stakeholders (media, investors, employees).

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Super Supreme Cereals want to launch a new cereal. They are in the process of identifying the new cereal's target audience. Which area of marketing will they need expertise from?

You'll Love Marketing If...

  • You are curious and eager to learn, relearn, and unlearn when necessary.

  • You are creative, innovative, and love finding solutions to problems.

  • You enjoy communicating and can speak your mind with confidence.

  • You are great at multitasking.

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Consider A Different Career If...

  • You don't enjoy working in multi-functional teams, and would rather be an independent worker.

  • You are someone who needs immediate results - marketing is a long game.

  • You don't enjoy experimenting and taking risks. Marketing managers need to have an entrepreneurial quality. Season 5 No GIF by The Office

But Will It Pay The Bills?

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The average salary for a marketing manager in the United States is USD $66,000.

The average salary for a marketing manager in Canada is CAD $64,000.

Take Action

If you think a career in marketing is the right fit for you, consider taking these next steps:

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