Have you ever been captivated by an amazing campaign while scrolling on social media? The ones with beautiful graphics, catchy slogans, and enticing offers that make you want to click the "share" or "buy" buttons (or both!)?

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Behind the scenes, a marketing coordinator worked hard to get the campaign out into the world!

What does a marketing coordinator do?

A marketing coordinator assists the marketing team in running successful marketing strategies and campaigns.  

They conduct market research, plan events, send newsletter campaigns, analyze data, and support various promotional activities. 

Their responsibilities may vary depending on the needs of the marketing team, but their ultimate goal is to contribute to brand awareness and business growth.

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What does a typical day look like?

Every day at work can look different for a marketing coordinator. On any given day you might:

  • Create engaging content to promote a brand or products on social media.

  • Coordinate with the marketing team to make sure campaigns are on track.

  • Dive into market research to better understand your market, customers, and competitors.

  • Analyze data from your marketing channels to assess the performance of your campaigns (on email, website, social media, and more).

  • Join meetings with team members to collaborate on marketing projects and campaigns.

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What would a marketing coordinator most likely NOT do as part of their role?

What kind of experience do I need?

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To become a marketing coordinator, a bachelor’s degree or certificate in marketing, communications, or a related field is often required.

Marketing coordinator roles are highly competitive, and completing a program will help you stand out to employers.

Practical work experience through internships is also highly valued and considered during the application process. 

If you don't have any relevant work experience, consider volunteer opportunities where you can contribute to different marketing initiatives.

Where can I find work as a marketing coordinator?

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At a big corporation

Large companies are always seeking marketing coordinators to help run their wide range of marketing campaigns and events.

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At a marketing agency

Agencies work with a broad set of clients that require plenty of coordination and marketing support. 

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At a start-up

Start-ups typically build their teams from the ground up, where a marketing coordinator can wear many hats and help build the marketing foundations of the company.

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At a non-profit organization

Non-profit organizations work with marketing coordinators to bring awareness to their causes and help run events.

What can I expect to earn?

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The annual salary for a marketing coordinator in Canada ranges from $43,000 to $57,000 (CAD). 

Average: $49,934 CAD

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The annual salary for a marketing coordinator in the USA ranges from $44,000 to $65,000 (USD). 

Average: $60,909 USD

You'll love it if you…

  • Are creative, great with people, and highly adaptable. You'll work cross-functionally with different teams.

  • Thrive in fast-paced and dynamic environments. Projects and campaigns move quickly.

  • Can juggle many different tasks and projects at once. You'll have to wear many hats!

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Look for another career path if you...

  • Prefer working individually. This is a very collaborative role requiring teamwork and a lot of collaboration.

  • Don’t like working under pressure and tight deadlines. Typically, you'll have big goals to reach for various projects and campaigns.

  • Struggle with multitasking and prefer a structured work routine. Every day will be different in this role!

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