Are you a person who follows hundreds of makeup artists on TikTok or Instagram? Do you recreate their tutorials, but aren't sure how to become one of them?

For centuries, makeup artists have been changing people's looks. They've mastered various techniques and worked with other experts to produce amazing effects for movies, fashion, and special events.

Aubrey Plaza dressed like Cleopatra, moving her arms and eyes. She says,

Nowadays, makeup artists work in various settings, such as salons, spas, theaters, fashion shows, photography studios, and film or television sets.

How to become a makeup artist?

If you don't know where to start beyond watching tutorials, obtaining a certification is a good option to turn a hobby into a career.

Ariana Grande doing her makeup with a brush.

If you're looking to earn a college diploma, numerous academic institutions provide programs tailored for aspiring makeup artists. Visit the following websites to check out schools where you can take a course and obtain a certificate:

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A high school diploma, along with a satisfactory entrance evaluation and interview, are usually required for admission to these programs.

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Depending on the school, it can take three months to a year for the program to be completed.

Watch the video below to listen to Tiyana Robinson talk about her experience as a makeup artist.

Makeup artists to follow

To keep learning and checking beauty tips, techniques, and products, here is a list of famous makeup artists to follow on social media:

Mario Dedivanovic

@mariodivanovic on Instagram

@makeupbymario on TikTok

Founder and CEO of Makeup by Mario and the artist behind some of Kim Kardashians looks

Kim Kardashian posing in a black and white shot. Her hair blows in the wind.

Raoul Alejandre

@raoulalejandre on Instagram

Valentino Beauty's Global Make-up artist. He was the artist behind Zendayas makeup at the Met Gala 2024.

Zendaya posing on a red carpet. She wears a tiara and runs her hands through her hair.

Patrick Ta

@patrickta on Instagram

Makeup Artist and founder of Patrick Ta Beauty. He was the artist behind Karol Gs makeup at the Met Gala 2024.

Karol G accepting Gramy Award. She smiles with appreciation.

How can you find makeup artists on social media?

A simple way to find makeup artist on social networks is by writing #mua and you can review countless accounts.

Also, you can check Modash website to see a list of the Top 20 Makeup TikTokers.

A TikTok makeup artist in plain clothes without makeup. They brush the screen, and appear in a red dress with makeup on.

Career opportunities as a makeup artist?

There are many places and opportunities to work as a makeup artist:

Different places where makeup artists can work: Film & Television  Special Effects Makeup Artistry Theatrical Makeup Print Ma Film & television

  • Makeup artists will frequently be on the sets of films, TV shows, and commercials.

Special effects makeup artistry

  • They will maintain makeup during production, use digital special effects for realism, and create looks according to different eras.

Theatrical makeup

  • Theatrical makeup artists create dramatic and realistic looks for the stage.

Print makeup artist

  • Print makeup artists specialize in makeup for magazines, catalogs, and other printed media.

Bridal makeup artist

  • Bridal makeup artists create beautiful looks for brides on their wedding day and during photoshoots.

Celebrity makeup artist

  • Makeup artists advance their careers by working with public figures, offering diverse makeup services, and achieving career security as celebrity makeup artists.

Freelance makeup artist

  • Freelance makeup artists have many job opportunities and often start their own cosmetics companies or makeup artistry businesses.

Runway makeup artist

  • Runway makeup artists work in a fast-paced, exciting environment, applying makeup to models and possibly designing the cosmetics concept for fashion designers.

Overall, makeup artists are essential. They help create characters, improve visual storytelling, and guarantee the production's emotional and artistic impact.

Pros and cons of being a makeup artist

As with everything in life, working as a makeup artist has pros and cons.

For this reason, it is crucial to research and know what to expect before beginning a career.

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  • The opportunity to be creative.

  • The chance to travel.

  • You get to work on exciting projects.

  • The makeup industry is always changing.

  • You can turn your passion into a successful business.

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  • The hours can be long and irregular.

  • The competition can be fierce.

  • You might have to work with difficult people.

  • Youll often be on your feet all day.

  • The pay can be inconsistent in the beginning.


Stella follows makeup artists on social media and learned great techniques from the tutorial videos. She is the makeup artist for her friends when they have special events. Which of these signs can confirm to Stella that she can be a makeup artist?

The average salary in the US & Canada

Canada flag The average salary of a makeup artist is $29.34 per hour.

United States of America The average salary of a makeup artist is $30.92 per hour.

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