Remember that time when you were called to the guidance office?

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Many of us dreaded being called to the guidance office. But that's part of school life and most of the time there was really nothing to be scared about, right?

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In fact, guidance counselors play an important role in schools, helping students of all ages navigate a range of challenges and experiences.

Guidance Counselor Myth Busting

Myth #1

Guidance counselors "fix" problems

Truth #1

Guidance counselors have the necessary counseling skills to facilitate behavior change but they don't have a magic wand that will fix a problem instantly.

Myth #2

Guidance counselors discipline students

Truth #2

Guidance counselors are not disciplinarians. Student discipline is the role of the school administrators.

Myth #3

Guidance counselors only help students who are in trouble

Truth #3

Guidance counselors provide support to all students who need their assistance and sometimes even teachers, school administrators, or parents! Today, their role is multifaceted and includes career counseling and evaluation, academic and social support, and guidance.

Remember, guidance counselors play an important role in schools, helping students of all ages navigate a range of challenges and experiences. 


Which below is NOT a typical responsibility of a guidance counselor when they are working with students?

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Guidance Counselor?

Guidance counseling is not for everyone, and it takes someone with several important attributes to effectively guide students through the challenges they may face both at school and at home. 

Let's have a quick check!

Are you a good listener? Flaticon Icon

Can you easily empathize with other people?

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Are you friendly?

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Do you appreciate diversity?

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Are you patient and understanding?

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If you answered YES to all these questions - then you may have the traits required to be a really good guidance counselor!


Which is NOT a trait of a guidance counselor?

You'll Love It if...

  • You enjoy doing a variety of work. A guidance counsellor's life is never boring!

  • You want to make a difference and a positive impact on others.

  • You find helping students and watching them improve and succeed rewarding!

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Look For Another Career Path if...

  • You hate listening to complaints and problems.

  • You hate working long hours.

  • You are not willing to go the extra mile to help and guide others.

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But Will It Pay The Bills?

Flaticon Icon Canada: Average yearly salary for a guidance counselor is $55,013 CAD

Flaticon Icon United States: Average yearly salary for a guidance counselor is $50,872 USD

Take Action

If you feel you have what it takes to be a guidance counselor, good for you!

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Now check out the list below on how you can become one!


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