After buying a used car for $500, you have $230 left over.

Will you use the $230 to buy a whole new set of tires?

Close up of a tire. Photo by Benjamin Brunner on Unsplash

Just like your decision to buy a whole new set of tires, private and public companies must also make similar decisions on how they spend their money.

This is where a financial manager comes in. If you're good at making financial decisions, this career might be right for you!

What Does A Financial Manager Do?

A financial manager oversees the company's finances.

If the company sets a goal, it is the financial manager's job to make sure that there is enough money to achieve that goal.

Bugs Bunny is dividing money up.

As a financial manager, you're expected to:

  • Discover ways to reduce costs across the company.

  • Identify opportunities for expansion.

  • Prepare monthly and quarterly financial statements and business reports.

  • Perform forecasts for a company's different brands.


What will you do as a financial manager? Select all that apply:

Where Can You Work?

As a financial manager, you may find work at...

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  • Large and small businesses such as IT companies, retail businesses, and manufacturing companies.

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  • Non-profit organizations such as charities.

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  • Government authorities such as central banks and health authorities.

What Kind Of Experience Will You Need?

There may be many steps that you will need to take — depending on the region and type of organization. But, all finance managers must have...

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A bachelor's degree in:

  • Business Administration

  • Economics

  • Commerce

  • Related fields (Finance, Accounting)

At least five years ofexperience in a finance or accounting role such as:

  • Loan officer

  • Accountant

  • Securities sales agent

How Much Can You Expect To Earn?

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In Canada, the annual salary for a financial manager ranges from $91,540 to $196,663 (CAD).

The average is $130,526 per year.

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In the U.S., the annual salary for a financial manager ranges from $79,993 to $150,000 (USD).

The average is $107,284 per year.

You'll Love The Job, If You...

  • Like to actively learn new things related to the field.

  • Can handle the stress that comes with competition and demanding work.

  • Are very organized.

A man who begins to type faster.

Look For Another Job, If You...

  • Want to express yourself creatively. A financial manager's tasks can become repetitive.

  • Want a flexible work schedule, that goes beyond the typical 9-5 hours.

  • Struggle to make tough decisions.

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