Have you wondered how a precious puppy can go from this... A dig running through mud

...to this? A dog with rainbow hair, with the text

Dog groomers can be like magicians and transform your animal friends from ugly ducklings to beautiful swans!

You can find dog groomers in:

  • Dog salons

  • Kennels and shelters

  • Pet hospitals/clinics

  • Pet stores

  • Private homes

It's Not Just About Being Fabulous...

It's fun to paint your dog's nails and give them fancy haircuts, but pet grooming is also important for keeping them healthy by taking away damaged hair and ventilating their skin. If the undercoat isn't managed properly, dogs can develop serious skin problems such as matting .

To be a good dog groomer you'll need to:

  • Love dogs!

  • Understand different dog behaviors

  • Have extensive knowledge of breed-specific grooming styles and trims (as many as 31 styles!)

  • Not be afraid of cleaning the mess (it can get real messy!)

  • Be patient. After all, not all dogs are a fan of grooming...


Dog grooming is probably not the best profession for you if...

I'm In! So How Do I Become A Pet Groomer?

A dog being groomed with a brush There's no official license required to become pet groomers, but you can get training by:

  1. Doing online courses. There are tons courses you can take in the comfort of your own homes. However, some of them can be costly (more than $1000!).

  1. Going to pet grooming school. Although licenses are not mandatory, there are certification programs and workshops that train potential pet groomers.

  1. Learning by doing! Get hands-on experience on how best to handle different "petsonalities" by offering to groom dogs for friends and family.

Does It Pay The Bills?

Flaticon Icon The average pay in the US is $29,848/year

Flaticon Icon The average pay in Canada is $37,050/year

The amount you make also depends on the location. For example, working in a high-end salon probably means more pay than working in a pet store. A dog surrounded by dollar bills, with the text

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Paw prints in sand Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

If you love dogs and want to work with them, consider these next steps:


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