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A dietician is an expert in nutrition and food consumption.

Their job is to evaluate their clients' dietary habits, help them meet their nutritional needs, and eat a balanced diet (all of which can help prevent illness).

They advise people about health and food choices so they can achieve optimal health.

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Where Would I Work? What Would I Do There?

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  • In hospitals, you would assess and plan nutrition care for patients who need special diets for kidney disease, tube feeds, cancer, digestion issues, and more.

  • In doctor’s offices, you would provide counselling on cholesterol, diabetes, feeding young children, weight management, allergies, and more.

  • In long-term care homes and other facilities, you would manage food systems, staff and budgets to provide safe and nutritious meals.

  • Work with food manufacturers to develop and market healthier foods.

  • Deliver nutrition education and food skills programs in the community for new moms, seniors, and people on a budget.

  • Provide expertise on nutrition policy for governments.

  • Start your own private practice to work one-on-one with people, work in the media, or support businesses with their writing and marketing. 

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How Much Does This Job Pay?

Flaticon Icon Canada: Average yearly salary for a dietitian is $68,250 (CAD)

Flaticon Icon USA: Average yearly salary for a dietitian is $61,260 (USD)

Pros And Cons

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  • Help people become healthier 

  • Work in many different places

  • Growing field

  • Above-average pay

  • Regulated job: only professionals who meet a set standard may call themselves a dietician

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  • Working with very sick patients can be tough

  • Requires lots of initial training and certifications

  • Continuous training is required to stay certified

  • Approach to nutrition can be narrow

Take Action

Do you already have some of the skills needed?

Have you decided to be a dietitian?

If you are still unsure, there are many careers that touch on a lot of these elements with different requirements, such as a nutritionist, therapist, or fitness instructor.

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