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Find out how to become a diagnostic medical sonographer so you can use these machines to help patients and doctors.👇

What Do They Do?

Diagnostic medical sonographers (DMS) use these machines like Superman's x-ray vision to create images of a patient's organs, muscles, and tissue using sound wave technology.

So what do DMSs do? Some of their duties include:

  • preparing and maintaining equipment

  • explaining the procedure to the patient

  • caring for the patient during the procedure

  • conducting imaging exams

  • analyzing images and preparing reports

  • checking the quality of images

  • keeping secure patient records

  • staying current on new imaging technologies

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Who Should Be A DMS?

You'd make a good DMS if you...

👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 enjoy helping/working with others

❓are curious and love learning new things

🏤 like working indoors

💕 are patient and compassionate

🔎 have great attention to detail

🖐 have good manual dexterity

🦉 can work in a low-light environment

Consider other work if you...

🚫 prefer to work or be alone

🚫 dislike studying or learning

🚫 need to be outdoors for work

🚫 need a regular schedule

🚫 dislike change

How Can I Become A Diagnostic Medical Sonographer?

You don't need to go to a medical college to become a DMS and requirements vary by employer but in general, you need:

At least

  • 2-yr Associate's degree

  • Registration with local professional organizations

Better to have

  • 4-yr Bachelor's degree

  • Registration with local professional orgs

  • License from state/province

What will I need to study?

  • Anatomy and Physiology

  • Hands-on experience with equipment

  • Related terminology

  • Patient protocols and bedside manner

Can I Make A Living As A DMS?

You won't make as much as a doctor but with continuing education and self-improvement, you can make a higher than average salary (with considerably less than 14 years of education and residency).

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Median salary:


CA$ 38.00/hr

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Median salary:


US$ 33.84/hr

Take Action

So, you've decided to become a diagnostic medical sonographer...

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