Data scientists are expert data analysts who use their curiosity and technical skills to help organizations identify and solve problems.

"They are part mathematician, part computer scientist, and part trend-spotter "

A data scientist presenting a sales trend chart

What Skills Would You Need?

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  • Understanding of statistical analysis, machine learning , and deep learning techniques and algorithms

  • Ability to communicate insights verbally, visually, and in written form

  • Experience with distributed computing and data pipeline(Hadoop/Spark etc.)

  • Technical Skills: Structured Query Language (SQL), Python, R, and Scala

  • Visualization Skills: Power BI, Tableau

What Would Your Day As A Data Scientist Look Like?

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  • Attend stand-up meetings

  • Check your dashboard for the different tasks you are responsible for

  • Peer reviewyour teammate's code

  • For the business problem you are working on:

    a. Gather the requirements

    b. Locate and clean the data

    c. Perform exploratory analysis on the data

    d. Perform feature engineering

    e. Build models

    f. Decide the format of the output

    g. Translate data-driven insights to visuals

Industries That Hire Data Scientists

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Retail — Amazon, Shopify, Best Buy, Walmart, etc.

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Tech — Google, Microsoft, Linkedin, Facebook, etc.

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Pharmaceuticals — Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, etc.

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Transportation — Air Canada, CN Railways, Amtrak, etc.


What industries would need Data Scientists?

How Much Does A Data Scientist Make?

Flaticon Icon The Average Base Salary for a Data Scientist in Canada is C$78,990

Flaticon Icon The Average Base Salary for a Data Scientist in the USA is $96,420

Let's Put Your Understanding To Test

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Meet Lizzie

  • Liz has taken courses in statistics and data analysis

  • She loves working on projects involving large datasets in SQL/Python

  • She creates excellent visuals using Tableau

  • She has won many data-based case competitions because of her passion for problem-solving and excellent presentation skills

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Meet Eric

  • Eric has taken courses in computer science

  • He is passionate about coding especially in Java

  • He loves to work alone and undertakes many individual projects

  • He is great at explaining concepts 1-on-1 but avoids presenting to large groups as much as possible


Who is most suited to be a Data Scientist?

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