Are you a people person? Do you enjoy giving advice?

Then a career as a student advisor might be for you!

Student advisors empower students to achieve academic and professional excellence in their chosen fields.

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But how do you know if you'd enjoy being a college student advisor?

What exactly does the job entail?

How Do College Student Academic Advisors Contribute?

College academic advisors guide students in navigating academic programs and career choices, offering personalized support in course selection, academic planning, and goal-setting. Advisors:

  • Advocate for students

  • Connect students with resources

  • Contribute to student success

  • Enhance the reputation of educational institutions

Through their expertise, advisors play a crucial role in fostering a positive and empowering educational experience.

The result? College academic advisors shape the future workforce and contribute to the well-being of society.

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The Actual Job

Advisors are often responsible for:

  • Academic planning and guidance meet with students, discuss course selection and goals, and review plans.

  • Career counseling — conduct one-on-one sessions with students, staying informed about industry trends and career opportunities.

  • Problem resolution and support address immediate student concerns, take student walk-ins or appointments, and collaborate with other campus support services to assist students.

  • Campus resourcesconnect students with resources and assist with administrative tasks.

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Where Can I Work As An Advisor?

You can find work at higher education institutions.

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Duties include:

  • Helping students with course selection, major exploration, and career decisions, and providing tailored advice to navigate academic programs.

  • Connecting students with extracurricularactivities, internships, and networking events.

  • Working at a diverse range of institutions, including community colleges, small private and large public universities, online platforms, and private consultancies.

  • Serving as essential educational partners to students' academic journies.

But Will It Pay The Bills?

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In the U.S., the average yearly salary for academic advisors is $48,308 USD.

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In Canada, the average yearly salary for academic advisors is $58,726 CAD.

You'll Love It If...

  • You're outgoing and like creating relationships with others.

  • You get bored easily and enjoy a wide variety of tasks.

  • You're a problem-solver and are good at helping students meet their career potential.

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Look For Another Career Path If...

  • You like to have a consistent routine — student drop-ins happen frequently.

  • You're not great at time management — large workload & differing priorities.

  • You hate learning new things — curricula and career opportunities change constantly.

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Who Would Be the Best Academic Advisor?

Flaticon Icon Carla

  • Very outgoing and loves meeting people

  • Has a new hobby every month

Flaticon Icon Sydney

  • Writes blogs for her college website

  • Is very shy when meeting someone for the first time

Flaticon Icon Jacob

  • Volunteers in the university writing center

  • Hates unexpected changes to his routine


Who sounds like the best fit for an academic advisor career path?

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