Do you find joy in dusting, sweeping, scrubbing, and making everything look shiny?

Do you vacuum so much that you consider it a hobby?

Woman wearing headphones and dancing to music while mopping, dusting and cleaning the floor with cloths under her feet.

If so, you might enjoy a career as a cleaner!

Types Of Cleaning Jobs

There are more cleaning opportunities than you might think!

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These include:

  • house cleaner

  • office cleaner

  • hotel housekeeping

  • industrial cleaning

  • school custodian

Can you think of others?

Perks Of Being A Cleaner

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  • Flexibility: you can be self-employed or work for a company

  • Shift options: there are day, evening, and weekend hours

  • Education: no college degree required

  • Outlook: cleaners are in high demand!

Flaticon Icon Scenario: Jim

Jim, a stay-at-home dad, is considering getting a cleaning job. His spouse has a day job and gets home around 5 PM.


Which of these cleaning jobs might be best for Jim?

Start A Business

Although there are many options to work for established companies, you can also start your own cleaning business!

Basics needed:

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Insurance

  • Business cards or website

  • Book keeping skills (or a book keeper)

It's pretty easy to get started!

Simply Google "Start my own cleaning business" and you will find lots of sites that can walk you through the process.

Traits Of A Successful Cleaner

Flaticon Icon Promptness

Clients will expect you to be on time

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Attention To Detail

You'll need to follow a checklist and get cleaning tasks done right

Flaticon Icon Strength

The job is physical, after all!

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Self Motivation

You might be working alone, so you need to push yourself to get things done

It's Probably Not For You If...

You'd prefer a desk job Flaticon Icon

You don't like being around chemicals

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You're super social

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Your office looks like this! Flaticon Icon

Extremely messy office

Profile: Should Clara Be A Cleaner?

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Clara just finished high school and is looking for a job. Clara is a people person and enjoys being the center of attention. She has lots of social media followers who comment on her constantly changing nail designs. Clara is also athletic and lifts weights at the gym regularly.


Do you think that Clara is well-suited to a cleaning career?

Profile: Should Jordan Be A Cleaner?

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Jordan is an introvert with a small circle of friends. Jordan is an environmentalist who eats organic food and only uses all-natural products. Jordan is also very orderly.


Do you think that Jordan is well-suited to a cleaning career?

Will You Clean Up Financially?

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In the United States, cleaners make between $26,000-$54,000/year .

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In Canada, cleaners make between $25,000-$53,00 per year .

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