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Clara is a hands-on learner. She loves visual arts, history, and a bit of math. Her hobby is to make decorative objects with mixed materials.

ceramic tigers

After completing her high school, she wants to train as a ceramist. Eventually, she wants to be an entrepreneur and start her own ceramics business.

Do you have similar ambitions to Clara? Then being a ceramicist might be the right career for you!

What Does A Ceramicist Do?

A ceramist:

  • is a professional artist who can make and design clay objects that may be decorative or for daily use.

  • knows about different types of materials used to make ceramics.

  • can use the knowledge of clay pottery in archeology to find new information about ancient civilizations.

  • can specialize in making dental prosthetics.

  • is not to be confused with a potter — a potter makes kitchenware and tableware whereas a ceramist makes all types of objects.

    A graphic of ceramicist tasks: jewelry, floor tiles, kitchenware/tableware, design, garden, walls, prosthetics, sculptures

Who Makes A Good Ceramist?

A ceramicist painting a design on a bowl

You'll love this job if you:

  • have an artistic inclination.

  • are detail oriented.

  • enjoy using computer software for designing.

  • are good at time management.

  • have creativity and imagination.

  • are patient.

  • enjoy doing research.

How To Become A Ceramist

To become a ceramist, you need to graduate from high school and then get a college diploma or degree in any one of these areas:

  • art and design

  • ceramics

  • 3D printing

  • dental ceramics and prosthetics

A diploma or degree with a specialty in ceramics will help you learn the tools and tricks of the trade.

After graduating, you can start your own ceramics business or specialize within a specific industry as a ceramicist.

A graphic showing a ceramicist's pathway from high school to a career

Does It Pay My Bills?

A bear looking curious. Different currency symbols surround the bear.

🇨🇦 The average ceramist salary in Canada is $52,650 (CAD) per year.

🇺🇸 The average ceramist salary in the U.S is $60,000 (USD).

Who Would Make The Best Ceramicist?

Flaticon Icon Rohan is good at drawing. He completed high school and wants to go to art college.

Flaticon Icon Marzia is excellent at creative writing. She also likes to make videos.

Flaticon Icon Lucy takes art classes on weekends. She really enjoys pottery and made some great bowls for her family.

Flaticon Icon Mubashir is enrolled at an arts high school. He likes to create graphic designs on his laptop.


Who would be the best candidate to pursue a career as a ceramicist?

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