Navigating a career change can be exciting yet challenging.

Do you want to help people find their own career path?

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A career coach can help people achieve their career goals, whether it be landing a new job or switching to a different industry or field!

What Does A Career Coach Do?

A Career Coach Can...

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• Help clients create a personalized career plan designed to meet their goals

• Help clients understand their skills and strengths to identify roles that are a fit.

• Give constructive feedback on resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles

  • Help improve clients' interview skills and networking strategy

A Career Coach Can't...

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Do all the work: the client must apply the strategies if they want to get results

Change lives overnight: helping clients work through self-doubt and lack of confidence may take time to overcome

Get the client the job: a career coach is not a magician — they don't guarantee job placement


Selena wants to start networking and job hunting right away. What can a career coach do for her?

Help make her resume more effective

Suggest networking opportunities

Submit a job application for her

Facilitate interview preparation

How Is A Career Coach Different From A Career Counselor?

A Career Coach:

  • Focuses on using a solutions-oriented approach to help clients create a strategy for job searching or landing a promotion

A Career Counselor:

• Advises clients by identifying issues such as mental wellness and/or mindset issues holding them back from pursuing their career goals

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Arden wants to change careers, but he has a lot of anxiety about looking for work. Who should he consult?

Career coach

Career counselor

How Do I Become A Career Coach?

Degree/Certificate Requirements

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While there's no degree requirement, Career Coaches are typically certified through one of these institutions:


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You can gain experience by doing:

  • Human resources, recruiting, or career counseling

  • Volunteering at organizations that focus on workforce development

Where/Who Does A Career Coach Typically Work?


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• You’re hired by individuals to help them achieve their career goals

• If you’re in it because you love helping people find their dream careers and get paid more, this model is a great option

Companies & Organizations

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• You work directly with a company (nonprofit or private) to help its employees

  • If you love helping people develop skills and building team culture, this could be the model for you

Does It Pay The Bills?

Flaticon IconThe annual salary for a career coach in Canada ranges from $37,000 to $79,000 (CAD).

Flaticon IconThe annual salary for a career coach in the USA ranges from $29,000 to $71,000 (USD).

You'll Love It If You...

  • Enjoy working with people one-on-one

  • Are a strategic problem solver

  • Are a strong listener

  • Like to ask probing questions

  • Are good at encouraging others to overcome obstacles

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Look For Another Career Path If You...

  • Are uncomfortable with ambiguity. Career coaching requires guiding clients through complex questions and situations.

  • Prefer to work independently. While there is some degree of independence, the majority of career coaching requires interacting with clients.

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