Have you ever wondered: how did the bartender make this drink taste AND look great?!

A cocktail drink with a lemon twist  on top of a book. Photo by Bon Vivant on Unsplash

If this aesthetic looking drink piqued your interest, then you may find yourself wondering if being a bartender is right for you.

The Social Aspect

When we think of bartenders, many of us have had experiences where we go to that one bar with the one bartender we want to socialize with.

Leonardo Dicaprio cheers with a drink in hand. He says,

Bartenders should have a knack for being social butterflies. They don't just serve our favorite drinks to us, but they also end up becoming our companions.

Bartenders should be:

  • sociable, positive, and friendly

  • able to maintain composure in crowded and loud settings

  • able to establish boundaries between customers if needed

  • ready to deal with rambunctious and inebriated patrons

Homer Simpson at a bar saying,


Which of these personalities is the best fit for a bartender?

A Fast-Paced Environment

If you go into a bar on a busy Saturday night, you can already tell there's no playing around for the bartenders. If you work in a bar or restaurant, you'll usually be working in a fast-paced environment.

Because of this, bartenders must have:

  • strong communication skills to take orders and delegate

  • competence in making drinks quickly

  • the ability to maintain composure and stay calm

  • a good sense of urgency and awareness

Dog in a firehouse saying


Who would NOT be suitable in a fast-paced environment?

The Pay

The average median wage of a bartender is around $26,000 US and also $26,000 CA. The top 90th percentile in the US makes about $48,000. Tips may increase these wages significantly.

How much you make also depends on:

  • The type of bar/restaurant you work in

  • The population density of your area

  • your experience/expertise

Drake saying no to,

Career Prospects

Woman bargender pouring ilquir into a thin glass that has layers of liquid. Photo by Andrey Grodz on Unsplash

The average age of a bartender in the US is 33 years old.

This may suggest that young adults who bartend usually do so as a part-time job while in school or as supplemental income.

For those who may seek an upwards trajectory in their career, they may find work after as a:

  • bar manager

  • cocktail caterer

  • liquor sales representative

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