The Great British Bake Off

Baking is a science that takes precision, patience, and creativity.

Baking Contestant If you love baking how do you know if it's something to make a career out of? And what exactly does a baker even do?

How Do Bakers Contribute?

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The job of a baker is often two-fold. They:

  • take everyday ingredients such as flour, water, salt, and yeast and transform them into delicious treats

  • serve hungry customers

The title of baker can sometimes be used interchangeably with the titles pastry cook, pastry chef, or cake decorator.

A Day In The Life Of A Baker

On any given day you might find a baker:

  • Using ingredients to make things such as bread, pastries, cookies, or cakes.

  • Using equipment such as mixers, ovens, and other machines to aid in making doughs, mixes, or batters.

  • Shaping, kneading, and rolling dough, then baking.

  • Designing and decorating cookies, cupcakes, and cakes.

  • Following production sheets to ensure that enough baked goods are available for sale or to serve.

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Which tasks does a baker typically do?

Where Do Bakers Work?

Most bakers work at bakeries, restaurants, hotels, or manufacturing facilities.

Some bakers run their own bakeries or do business out of their home.

Baking Is For You If...

  • You love being creative.

  • You enjoy working with your hands.

  • You appreciate having a tangible product at the end of every workday. Y'all Got Any More Of That

Reconsider It If...

  • Flaticon Icon You're not a morning person. Most bakers are up in the wee hours of the early morning, such as 4:00 am, to bake delicious goods like croissants, bagels, and loaves.

  • Attention to detail isn't your thing. Baking requires weighing out ingredients precisely.

  • You enjoy weekends and holidays off. Bakers and those who work in the food industry in general typically work weekends and holidays.

  • You can't stand for long periods of time. Bakers have to be on their feet for their entire workday.


Who would be the best fit as a baker?

How Much Dough Can You Make?

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In the U.S., a baker typically makes $12.52/hour on average.

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In Canada, a baker typically makes $14.53 CAD/hour on average.

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