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Email is a modern way to communicate and can be used to share memories with friends and family. Often, you will receive emails from your favorite stores, blogs or local charities.

When creating a personal email account, it is important to consider your audience.

Creating a professional email address will help you when completing job applications, networking and more.

Step 1 - Select Your Website

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The first step in creating a new email account is to decide which service you would like to use. Depending on what's popular in your country, you might choose Gmail, Yahoo, or Microsoft Outlook. You'll be asked for some basic information, so be ready with a phone number, your birthday and a trustworthy password.

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Check out these videos for detailed instructions!


Microsoft Outlook:


Step 2 - Choose Your Username

Once you click create account, you will need to choose a username, which is also known as a handle.

Check out some handles below:

  • soccerguy1987@email.com

  • love143xo@email.com

These handles might seem fun and expressive, but we want to make sure your email address is easy to share and not too flashy. Following a simple pattern will help you in creating your new professional account.

Let's look at some better examples:

  • Ava.Greene@email.com (Name + Name @email.com)

  • AGreene1@email.com (Letter + Name + Number @email.com)


Which email is the most professional?

Step 3 - Creating A Signature

Now that your account is up and running, you can practice emailing with friends and family. When writing a professional email, include an appropriate greeting and closing:

"Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name"


Your Name"

After your closing comes a signature. Typically, it will contain important contact and personal information for your reader. Check out our example:

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Did you know that Rumie has another Byte on creating an impactful signature?

Take Action

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Now that you have your new professional email account, add these tasks to your to-do list:

  • Update your resume

  • Create a LinkedIn account

  • Apply for a new job

Happy e-mailing!


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