Have you ever wondered how much of what you throw away is actually waste? How much of it could have been reused?

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Lets take this opportunity to understand what you throw out on a daily basis and how those items could possibly be reused, or thrown away in a more sustainable manner.

Think about what's in your trash can!


Some cities have a recycling program whereby the municipality comes and collects your recycling regularly. If this is not the case where you live, that doesn't mean you should not recycle! There are many options to recycle/repurpose goods regardless of the services provided.

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  1. Do some research and work with your community. Perhaps there is a private organization that can collect your recycling and your community can help organize a pickup date regularly.

  2. Lobby your local municipality to provide this service.

  3. Repurpose - read on to the next section to find out innovative ways to divert waste.


Each item has multiple uses aside from its conventional one. This means when you're done using it - there is no need to throw it away immediately.

Think about a plastic water bottle. Once you have finished the water in it you can still use it!

  1. Use it to store seeds, spices, nuts, beads, flour, powders or anything that can fit in it.

  2. Cut it in half and plant some seeds!

  3. Cut it in half, decorate it and use it to hold appliances or brushes.

  4. Lastly - consider switching to reusable water bottles.

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Which of the following is another use for a glass bottle?

Take Action

Throwing things away should be your last resort. Whether it is recycling or repurposing or avoiding disposable items altogether - there is always another option.

There is also no wrong way to do things, except throwing it away!

Try one waste reduction strategy a month - see if it works for you and continue taking small steps to create a larger impact!


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