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Reading tons of Bytes but not sure what to do next?

Rumie has a few built-in features to help you stay on track with your learning! 🚀

Find relevant Bytes

Not sure what you're interested in? Explore recommended Bytes by:

  • Trending status (popular on Rumie)

  • Categories of Bytes based on broad topics

  • Featured Byte collections designed by Rumie, such as New Experiences to confidently approach your first time with common life skills

If you know exactly what you're looking for, just use the search bar to find your desired topic by keyword.

Navigating the Rumie side menu Explore the side menu for Byte recommendations ⤴

Keep your Bytes organized

Check out these icons on the side menu to focus on the Bytes that matter most to you:

📖 History — See all Bytes you've previously read

Favourites — Mark the Bytes you'll keep coming back to

📘 Collections — Design your own Byte courses to work through, or sort the "To Be Read" list from "Currently Working On"

Creating a Rumie Byte collection on the website Select the "Save Byte" button within a Byte to add it to a personal collection. Browse your collections from the side menu. ⤴

Test your knowledge

Some Bytes will include a multiple choice quiz as a check-in point, and may even sneak in some extra content. Complete them to maximize your learning!

X icon If you selected an incorrect answer: don't worry! Each quiz includes an explanation for why the correct answer is correct.

Checkmark icon If you get it right: nice! You're on the right track. Even so, read the explanation in case there are additional insights.


When taking a Rumie quiz what kinds might you come across?

Collect Learn points

If framing your learning as a game helps you stay motivated, you're in luck! 🍀

You'll automatically earn points for each:

  • Byte you complete

  • Byte you give feedback on

  • Day in a row you return to Rumie (contributes to a Byte streak)

Checking your Byte streak on the Rumie site

Click the circle icon by the search bar for your points breakdown. ⤴

Join the Rumie community

The Rumie community on Discord is the social extension of the Byte library. Connect with Rumie members from around the world to receive:

  • Personalized Byte recommendations

  • Peer support and advice

  • Accountability from other members

Want to learn more about the server before diving in? There's a Byte for that too!

Collection of quotes from happy Rumie server members Check out the full list of reviews on Disboard

Take Action

Clapboard icon Rumie Bytes are quick and easy to read, but the most important part of any Byte is the Take Action checklist. The checklist will be your guide to making your goals a reality.

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