Are you a visual learner? Do you love to be creative?

Do you want to learn something quicker? Do you have ideas you want to organize?

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Join me to learn the mind mapping note taking method that can help you learn and retain information better.

What are Mind Maps?

Mind maps are visual thinking tools that visually organize information. They place the title in the center and expands topics both horizontally and vertically.

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Why use the mind mapping note taking method?

The layout of mind maps has been shown to help:

  • Organize information

  • Improve understanding, memory, and recall

  • Enhance productivity

  • Foster creativity

  • Generate student enthusiasm

  • Guide the thinking process

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How to Create a Mind Map

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Grab a pen/pencil/markers/highlighters and paper, or use a digital mapping tool to get started.

Follow these 5 simple steps to begin your mind map:

1. Establish the core topic with a title in the center of your mapping space.

2. Branch out from the core idea by adding subtopics or supporting ideas and connecting them to the core topic.

3. Use keywords instead of phrases for the subtopics, and bullet lists or short explanations for supporting points.

4. Color code information to your choice as long as it makes sense to you and finally, make sure to organize your mind map.

5. Use images/icons (optional) to better associate ideas.

Below is a sample video of how to create a mind map for a study topic: 🔽


Chelsea is studying for her chemistry exam next week and decided to make a mind map on a topic. What are some things she could do to create an effective mind map? Select all that apply.

Pros and Cons

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  • Concepts are easily visible

  • Analyzing and reviewing mapped notes is efficient

  • Easily editable by adding further branches

  • Pictures and colors facilitate memory and appeal to visual learning

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  • Facts and thoughts can be difficult to distinguish

  • May have to use other note-taking methods for supporting information

  • Can get overwhelming for complex topics

  • You could miss an important point

Take Action

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Take advantage of the mind mapping note taking method and go further with these resources:


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