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Professional relationships come with expectations!

All of your coworkers, regardless of their position, want you to support them in different ways.

How can you better meet the expectations of your colleagues?

Identify Expectations

Meet with your colleagues and ask them directly:

"How can I help you do your job?"

Note their answers in a tracking document on your work device.

Flaticon IconSam from Accounting

"I need to know on a regular basis how much your department is spending."

Flaticon IconMin Ji from Front Desk

"We need better communication between reception and your office."

Flaticon IconSofia & Rafael from Design

"Are there any flaws with the product? Let us know."

Flaticon IconAli from Marketing

"I need more information about our clients and what they want."

Create An Action Plan

Now that you know what your coworkers expect from you:

  • make a list of concrete actions you can take

  • use action verbs to align your actions with their expectations

Add the plan to your tracking document.

Flaticon IconSam from Accounting

  • submit a weekly expense report every Friday morning

Flaticon IconMin Ji from Front Desk

  • create a chat group on Slack to connect department staff to reception

Flaticon IconSofia & Rafael from Design

  • create a shareable Google Doc file for product feedback

Flaticon IconAli from Marketing

  • assemble a quarterly call with each client and invite Ali to join


Your coworker asked for detailed feedback on her last presentation. What's a concrete action you can take to meet her expectations?

Email her a few comments

Meet with her to discuss her performance

Send her to your manager

Tell her, "You did great!"

Reflect & Improve

When you follow through on your action plan:

  • get feedback from your colleagues and note it in your tracking document

  • reflect on their feedback and consider improvements for next time

Flaticon IconFlaticon IconSam from Accounting

  • "Great document!"

  • "Can you add more details?"

Flaticon IconMin Ji from Front Desk

  • "The Slack group is working well."

  • "I'd like to create some channels for different topics."

    Flaticon IconSofia & Rafael from Design

  • "The shared doc is well-organized."

  • "I think we should let some clients see the doc."

Flaticon IconAli from Marketing

  • "I'm getting valuable info from these calls."

  • "Can we tighten the agenda so the meetings are shorter?"


Flaticon IconThe Bottom Line

Listen to your colleagues!

Identify their expectations and take action.

Implement their feedback on your actions to meet their expectations even better next time.

Now it's your turn!

Who are your colleagues?

What do they expect from you?

What steps can you take to meet those expectations?


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