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Have you ever imagined what it's like to work in quality assurance in real time?

I work as a Senior Quality Engineering Specialist at Gore Mutual. I'm here to tell you all about the role so you can decide if it's the right career for you.

My team of Quality Engineers safeguards software applications from unexpected issues. We deal with a lot of challenges and have many responsibilities.

Teamwork plays a pivotal role in our success.

The main responsibilities of a Quality Engineer are:

  • Analyzing and understanding the application requirements

  • Designing test scenarios & executing test cases

  • Reporting defects and retesting

  • End-to-end testing of the application and sign off

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The Skills I Need

I need specific soft skills and technical skills need to perform my job effectively.

Technical skills:

  • Testing tools like JIRA, Zephyr, etc

  • Guidewire to test all X-Centers

  • Microsoft tools like Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, etc

  • Java and Selenium for automating applications

Soft skills:

  • Written and verbal communication skills

  • Collaborative team work

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Maria wants to be a Quality Engineer. She is good at handling her work, but she is little shy. What could she do to develop her people skills? Select all that apply:

Challenges in My Job

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If you think assuring quality is an easy job without any challenges, think again! We face all kinds of challenges.

For example, when we expect a test build to reach us on a particular date, there's always the possibility it might be delayed. This would give us way less time to complete our activities.

We might encounter some environment-related issues. If an application isn't stable, for example, we might discover many defects. This can also impact our deadlines.

Is This Job the Best Fit for You?

A woman wearing a headset says, You'll love being a Quality Engineer, if you:

  • Are committed to assuring that deliverables are of the highest possible quality

  • Are enthusiastic to learn and adapt quickly

  • Can communicate and report with other teams effectively and regularly

  • Can gather evidence and artifacts of the work you deliver and document your results

Take Action

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If you'd like to build your career as a Quality Engineer, pave your way towards it!


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