Did you know Google Docs has free resume templates? Whether you're looking for your first job or switching careers, Google Docs offers a variety of templates. The best part is they're completely free and easy to use!

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Navigating Google Docs

There are a few ways to get to Google Docs' resume templates:

Option #1

  1. Go to Google Docs home page

  2. Click on Template gallery in the upper right-hand corner

  3. The template gallery menu option in Google Docs. Scroll down to find Resume templates

    The template in Google Docs.

Option #2

  1. From the google docs home page, click on Blank under Start a new document.

The blank document option in Google Docs. 2. Under File, select New and then click From template gallery.

Selecting 3. Scroll down to find Resumes templates

The resumes section in Google Docs template gallery. Option #3

  1. Go to Google Drive home Page.

  2. Right click on google drive, select Google Docs, then click From a template.

The Google Drive homepage with From a template" selected.">

3. Scroll down to find Resumes templates

The Resume Templates menu of Google Docs.

Explore the Template Gallery

Google Docs has 5 resume templates in their gallery.

  1. Swiss

  2. Serif

  3. Coral

  4. Spearmint

  5. Modern Writer

Resume writing icon

They generally all have the same information including contact info, education, experience, skills, and awards. They vary in what information is more highlighted than others as well as the format and location of the details.

For example, Serif has a section dedicated to languages that you can consider using if speaking different languages is a desired skill for your job.

Choose your Template

Depending on what job you're applying for, you may go for a simpler straight forward design or one that's more colorful and dynamic. When picking a template, consider these questions:

  1. Is the job I'm applying for a more or less creative position?

  2. Is this template easy to read and follow by recruiters?

  3. Do I want a chronological or skill based resume?

  4. Does it scan well by ATS (Applicant Tracking System, a system that resumes pass through before even reaching a human)? You can this resume tool to check.

    Reading icon

Once you select a template, you can start filling in your information. Don't forget you can also customize the template! You can change the colors, fonts, and much more, or you can keep the template as is. Check out this Byte on how to format your resume.


Chris is applying for a visual arts teaching position overseas. He should look for a resume template that best includes what information?

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