In 2021 Oscar Best Picture winner Nomadland, Fern loses her job and decides to sell her belongings and travel across the US in a van as she looks for work.

Critics love it, audiences think it's a bit of a downer, but whatever your opinion, we can learn something from Nomadland about how we bounce back from challenges in life.

Fern from Nomadland, wearing construction gear and giving a thumbs up.

Can you relate to Fern - feeling doubt when facing uncertainty? Unsure if you can overcome a challenge?

Maybe it's time to sit and reflect on how you've already overcome so much!

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Think About A Difficult Time

Think about when you had a difficult time — what happened?

How did you feel when this happened?

Write the answers as facts, not complaints.

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Kyle was bullied as a kid. What's one way he could reframe this fact about his past?

Ask, "What Did I Do Then?"

How did you take control of the situation? Did you act decisively? Did you reach out for help?

Give yourself credit for the actions you took.

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What are some ways that Kyle (who was bullied) might have taken action?

Ask, "What Did I Learn?"

What did you learn from that difficult experience? What would you tell other people who are going through something similar?

What advice could you give them?

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Ask, "How Can I Apply That Now?"

Now, think about your current struggle. Is there anything you can apply?

Tell yourself, "I've already been through ____, I can get through ____."

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Take Action

A man saying, Identifying experiences when you overcame adversity will help you reframe your past, adopt a growth mindset, and find the strength to overcome new challenges.

Take these steps to identify times when you overcame adversity:


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