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You might think your friend's relationship isn't your business, but if it affects that person you love negatively, you have to step in.

Here is a guide to help you know what to look out for.

What Is A Toxic Relationship?

Having negative feelings or going through a rough patch in a relationship can be normal.

However, a toxic relationship is when a partner...

  • doesn't support you

  • weakens your authority or power in the relationship

  • competes with you

  • disrespects you

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A toxic relationship is emotionally and physically damaging.

Here are some warning signs for you to watch out for.

Your Friend's Behavior Has Changed

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Suddenly saying "I'm sorry," being overly sensitive, and having trouble making decisions are signs of low self-esteem and self-worth.

If your friend has suddenly lost their confidence, pay attention.

Your Friend Doesn't Want To Get "In Trouble"

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If your friend:

  • Needs to be at home "on time"

  • Can't let their partner know where they are

  • Needs to be "good" while going out

Take note. Abusers will make their partners feels like they "deserve" their abuse if they do something "wrong."


Your friend says that they will "be in trouble" if they return home late. What should you do?

Your Friend Has Vanished From Your Life

Know the difference between seeing your friend less or having them disappear from your life.

Toxic partners will try to control their victims relationships.

If your friend is suddenly unreachable, try to reconnect ASAP.

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Take Action

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If you notice these warning signs, have a conversation.

  • Make sure that your friend knows this is out of love, compassion, and concern.

  • Listento your friend, wait to give your opinions and concerns, and bejudgment-free

Be honest and don't expect to solve the problem immediately.

  • Don't ask them to end the relationship immediately or come off too strongly.

  • Check-in with your friend and let them know you're there for them

While your friend might not be ready to hear what you have to say, they will be grateful that you've said it!


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