Have you ever discovered a successful Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram page that posts once every few months?

Probably not!

Consistency is key! Social media is difficult and engaging an audience is even more difficult.

That’s where a social media calendar comes in.

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What Is A Social Media Calendar?

Social media editorial calendars are spreadsheets or apps that allow you to plan out your social media posts ahead of time.

They're also used to schedule and share content, manage campaigns, and keep track of deadlines.

Why use one?

  • Save time by being organized

  • Post consistently

  • Don't miss out on important events/ days

  • Track what's working and what's not

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Preparing A Social Media Calendar

Step 1: Determine what you'll be creating or sharing, and categorize your content like:

  • Blog posts

  • Resharing content

  • Quotes or tips

  • Visuals or explainer videos

  • Promotion events

  • Contests

  • Announcements

Step 2: Decide your social media channel, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Step 3: Decide when and what you want to publish.

Step 4: Prepare the content and add it to the calendar, along with the time and categorizations.

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Social Media Calendar Template

There are numerous templates available online and there are a lot of social media calendar tools as well, starting from Google Sheets to Trello to Hootsuite Planner.

Here's an example using Microsoft Excel:


Which of the following should not be a part of your social media calendar?

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Start today and you'll likely see better results from social media!


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