Has anyone ever told you that you possess the qualities of a great teacher?

Whether it's your patient nature, your ability to captivate with storytelling, or some other unique trait that sets you apart, you aren't alone. Many aspiring educators begin their journey with a natural talent that makes them stand out in a crowd.

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Keep in mind that the path to becoming an exceptional teacher involves more than just innate qualities — it requires honing those skills and mastering the art of pedagogy.

Here are a few essential skills of a great teacher and ways to develop them.

1. Communication Skills

The ability to communicate effectively is perhaps the most important skill for teachers.

Simply knowing the subject material is useless if you can't deliver it in an engaging yet simple way.

Here are some ways to develop your communication skills:

  • Practice public speaking. Join a local chapter of Toastmaster's International club to improve not only your verbal and presentation skills but also your active listening skills.

  • Improve your writing skills. Join a local creative writing club to enhance your writing and storytelling skills.

2. Classroom Management Skills

Do you recall those elementary school days when your favorite teacher had that special knack for making the classroom feel like a second home?

You can never underestimate the power of effective classroom management.

To develop this important skill:

  • Observe experienced teachers. Volunteer in a classroom with an experienced teacher to learn how they manage their students.

  • Take workshops. Attend classroom management workshops or online courses to learn effective strategies

3. Technology Integration

Video conferencing, augmented and virtual reality, multimedia lessons, digital field trips, and gamification are just some of the amazing ways you can incorporate technology into the classroom.

As a teacher, you can create an effective learning environment by developing your tech skills:

  • Take online courses. Enroll in online courses that teach you how to incorporate technology into your lessons.

  • Attend technology workshops. Participate in workshops or seminars dedicated to educational technology tools.

4. Networking Skills

Q: What happens when you pair a seasoned, experienced teacher with a young teacher full of enthusiasm and a burning desire to learn?

A: A powerful synergy that fuels inspiration, innovation, and the future of education.

Sharpen your networking skills:

  • Join professional organizations. Become a member of teacher organizations that offer networking opportunities and resources.

  • Attend conferences. Sign up to attend education conferences to connect with colleagues and learn from experts in the field.


Jennifer, a high-school teacher, is leading a class of 30 students in a discussion-based lesson. A few students are becoming disruptive as the class progresses. Which skills would be the MOST appropriate to employ in this case?

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