Are random small tasks interrupting your work multiple times a day?

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Checking your email or running an errand may not take long, but sprinkle a few throughout your day and it can disrupt your productivity.

Use task batching to get related tasks done in one seating instead of randomly throughout the day.

Why Use Task Batching?

Switching between multiple tasks too often takes extra time because your brain has to change its focus too.

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Task batching (along with time blocking) lets your brain focus on doing one thing multiple times.

This means you can get more done in less time.

Before Task Batching

Pick a day and write down everything you do at work. Does it look something like this?

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  • 8:00 am Answer emails

  • 8:30 am Work on proposal

  • 9:30 am Reply to posts

  • 10:00 am Meeting

  • 11:00 am Answer emails

  • 11:30 am Lunch

  • 12:30 pm Approve time cards

  • 1:00 Reply to posts

  • 1:30 pm Work on proposal

  • 2:30 PM Approve expense reports

  • 3:00 PM Answer emails

  • 3:30 PM Work on proposal

  • 4:30 PM Reply to posts

At first glance, this looks like a lot of tasks, which can feel overwhelming.

Looking closer, you can see a repeating pattern throughout the day when your brain has to keep switching focus from working on the proposal to doing other things.

After Task Batching

Instead of switching between tasks multiple times a day, what if you could have 3 hours in a row to focus on the proposal?

  • 8:00 am Emails and posts

  • 9:00 am Approve paperwork

  • 10:00 am Meeting

  • 11:00 am Catch up time

  • 12:00 am Lunch

  • 1:00 pm Work on proposal

  • 4:30 PM Wrap up

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This looks much less overwhelming. By batching together the smaller repetitive tasks, you free up more time in your day to work on the proposal uninterrupted and even have some free time for other things that may come up.

Let's Try It

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Here's a partial list of stuff you want to get done this week.

  • Cook dinner on Monday

  • Pay the phone bill

  • Study for physics exam

  • Cook dinner on Tuesday

  • Practice piano

  • Finish math homework

  • Cook dinner on Wednesday

  • Pay the electric bills

  • Write English essay

  • Cook dinner on Thursday

  • Draft work proposal

  • Mail birthday present to your mom

  • Cook dinner on Friday


Which of these task batching blocks will help you focus on the bigger tasks?

Take Action

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Don't let routine tasks interrupt your flow!

Use task batching to help you focus.

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