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Don't you wish you could skim through all the fluff from the books you need to read?

And maybe even get access to a screenshot or a summary of all the important bits from it?


Great! That is the literal essence of a profile blurb or bio. Let's dive into how you can create your own!

What Is A Profile Blurb Or Bio?

Just like the summary of a book would include the most important bits of information, similarly the short self description or bio that we add on various online platforms is called a profile blurb!

  • Its a short, concise, and effective introduction of the important details about yourself

  • It can be used in many ways like:

    (a) For your company profile

    (b) To share your brand

    (c) On your LinkedIn profile

    (d) On social media websites

    (e) On your CV

    (f) In cover letters

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Why Is A Profile Blurb Important?

  • It is a great way to help readers/ followers become familiar with you!

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  • They give potential business contacts and customers the most relevant information about you!

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3 Quick And Effective Steps To Write Your Profile Blurb

While there can be profile blurbs for companies and websites, we'll focus on how to write a personal profile blurb!

Step 1: Have a Dynamic Opening

Flaticon Icon DO'S:

  • The opening is the initial gateway to hook your audience, this is your chance to show your individuality and creativity!

  • Include a memorable hook! Use a personal and intriguing fact about yourself so your audience can relate to you. (It'll also make you seem more likeable!)

Flaticon Icon DONT's:

  • Don't start your blurb with "Hi, my name is .."

    It's boring! Not only is this going to instantly make your readers scroll to the next account but it is also a repetition of your name which is very much visible and present for their viewing on your profile!

Pro Tip: Keep it light hearted & humorous.

For example, take Sir Richard Branson, who is a business magnate, investor, philanthropist, founder of the Virgin Group. His profile blurb on Instagram reads :

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Which of these is NOT TRUE about Richard Branson's blurb?

Step 2: Mention Relevant Details

This step includes mentioning details that broadly fall under the following two categories :

1. Work Profile:

  • Briefly mention your title, field of expertise, as well as any current interesting projects you are involved in.

  • Keep it short. This is not a CV, so make sure that only the most pertinent details make the cut!

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2. Skills:

  • Don't be shy to mention your unique skills and talents.

  • Highlight your incredible ability to connect with others, the languages you speak, or the fact that you tutor kids in your neighbourhood!

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Step 3: Mention Your Passion And Mission

Apart from your professional accomplishments, let your readers have a peek into your life outside the professional arena.

  • Make sure to highlight your passion or the mission that drives you to be YOU!

  • You could also include a meaningful phrase that has had an impact on you.

  • This is the perfect end and can beautifully tie together all aspects of your blurb!

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Chad needs to enter his job profile in his blurb, which is the best description?

Take Action

Congratulations, you have successfully completed this crash course on writing your own profile blurb!

  • While writing a blurb may be a little intimidating, this 3 step routine will help give you direction towards forming your very own short and concise blurb.

  • Remember to be your most authentic, wonderful, and unique self!

Draft your profile blurb today. Then ask 3 friends for their feedback!

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