Profile pictures can be the first online impression you make.

How do you want to be introduced?

  • professional or casual?

  • serious or happy?

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Plan For The Photo

You will need :

A Cell Phone

  • optional:

    • camera

    • photo-editing application

    • extra lighting

    • a friend to take the picture

Time needed:

  • 1 hour or more

The location should have:

  • good lighting

  • nice background

  • no distractions

Take The Picture

Show your face.

Include your shoulders.

Adjust your phone camera settings after a few pictures:

  • Change the resolution, focus, or modes

  • You can set a timer to take a picture from far away

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Make Changes

Try different poses and facial expressions.

Consider different outfits, ties, or colors.

Keep the background simple, but try different ones.

Optional: edit your picture using photo using apps or filters.

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Take Action

Some final tips:

  • Do not use an obvious selfie for a profile photo

  • You will likely only get 1 good photo out of 20 photos

  • Take way more pictures than you think you will ever need

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