It's only 10AM and you already feel like....

Byte Author Uploaded Image Yeah, virtual learning can be really rough, but we got you!

Read on to find out how you can feel less exhausted and get more school work done.

Get Enough Sleep

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Getting enough sleep is proven to help:

  • improve grades

  • develop better memory

  • boost mood

Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep while going to bed around the same time each night.

Resist the temptation to check your phone before bed! It's best to stop using electronics at least 30 minutes before bedtime.

Create A Dedicated Study Nook

Byte Author Uploaded Image Pick an area or two where your sole focus is schoolwork.

If you need some separation from your surroundings, refurbish a closet or unused corner with some low-cost items from your local hardware store:

  • medium density fibreboard (MDF) or pegboard

  • L-brackets

Use wall space with vertical shelving, bins, and wall organizers.

As added motivation, try personalizing this space with items that bring you joy like:

  • houseplants

  • cute pen holders

  • desk lamps

  • wall art

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Use A Timer

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Use a timer to separate your day into chunks so that you are not overloading it with studying and homework.

You can set a timer or alarm notifications for:

  • studying

  • breaks

  • meals

  • entertainment

Whether your study period is 25 or 60 minutes, work diligently for that entire time, then take a break.

Minimize Distractions

If you live with family or roommates:

  • let them know your schedule

  • put up a "do not disturb" sign when you're busy with schoolwork

If you have a lot of background noise, block it out with:

  • noise-canceling headphones

  • other music, white noise, or nature sounds at a medium volume — around 70 to 90 decibels (dB)

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Which item would be a distraction to have in your study space?

Take Notes

Notes can help you stay focused and increase what you remember from lectures, presentations, or assigned readings.

Whether you write or type, it's impossible to note down everything you see or hear word for word. Only take notes of the most important concepts.

Byte Author Uploaded Image And if you decide to take handwritten notes, you'll be giving your eyes a much needed break from the computer screen.

Take Action

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So check yourself, which of these tips do you need to do to be more focused?

Virtual learning can be stressful, but with these tips you'll be laser focused on your schoolwork and finishing assignments in no time!

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