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Rachel is in a conference room at ABC Consulting, interviewing for the position of junior consultant. She is being interviewed by the director of consulting, the HR manager, and a senior consulting manager.

The senior consulting manager asks Rachel, "Can you tell me about a time when you improved your company's bottom line in a previous position?"

If you were Rachel, how would you answer this question?

Understanding the Bottom Line

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Do you know what "bottom line" is?

The bottom line refers to the final profit of a business after all costs have been subtracted from its total income. It shows how much money the company really makes.

The bottom line means different things in different areas. For a recruiter, it might be how productive new hires are. For an admissions officer at a college, it might be the quality of applicants to their school.

Learn more about the term "bottom line" from The Balance. 👈

Discover What The Interviewer Really Wants To Know

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Before answering the question, you should understand what the interviewer really wants to know. Here are two things you should think about:

1. Your understanding of company's profitability: The interviewers want to know if you understand how to make the business successful and which achievements matter most.

2. Your value to the company: The interviewers want to know what practical values you can add to the company.


If you work in sales, which practical value can you add to your company?

How to Give the Best Answer

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Now it's time to answer "What have you done to improve your company's bottom line in previous positions?" Here are some tips that can help you get the best answer.

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  • Provide quantitative results: Share measurable results that directly impact the bottom line, such as increased profits or reduced expenses. For example, "I increased sales by 30% in southwestern area."

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  • Highlight accomplishments valued by others: Share achievements praised by others as valuable to the company. For example, "I demonstrated my value by streamlining processes, resulting in a 15% increase in productivity, which was praised by my team members and manager."

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  • Stress skills the company needs: If the company is looking for someone who can analyze company data proficiently, you must highlight your experience in interpreting complex datasets and extracting valuable insights to drive informed decision-making.


Rachel is interviewing for junior consultant role, which answers would you include in your response to "What have you done to improve your company's bottom line?" You can choose more than one answer:

Take Action

Now it's time for you to prepare your own answer for the desired position.

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