Did you know that social media networks like Facebook are collecting your data even when you aren't using their apps?

Check the privacy guideline below which you can find under the "Your Facebook Information" tab in the Facebook Settings.

Byte Author Uploaded Image It's not just Facebook. Most apps and websites collect our data in a similar way.

What Is "Personal Data"?

  • Name, address, contacts, gender, age, location 

  • Education, job history, social media links

  • IP Address, device model

Flaticon Icon Check the following report by NBC News to find out what kind of personal data is being collected by frequently-used apps like Netflix, Candy Crush, and Starbucks.

How Is Our Personal Data Being Used?

Most of the time, companies use our personal information to show us targeted advertisements.

Most free websites aren't actually free! They earn money by selling our information to the advertising agencies.

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Which of these apps collect your personal data?

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Check the permissions on your most used apps today.


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