Picture this: You notice that you are losing motivation and enthusiasm on the job, and are finding it increasingly hard to go out to work each day. You know it is time to move on, but are hesitant because job security is important to you.

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Do you want to quit your job, but don’t want to do it before finding a new one?

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Job searching while working a full or part-time job is challenging!

Take note of these 5 tips on how to successfully look for a job while you are employed.

Tip 1: Search And Schedule Smartly

A) Keep Your Job Search Private. Make sure you are doing job searches on your own time and using your own personal devices.

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B) Schedule Interviews Strategically. Consider meeting with potential employers on your own time, like before or after work hours, during your lunch break; or even using personal or vacation days.

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Alex is ready to transition to a new job and is offered a phone interview for 12 o'clock on Thursday but it conflicts with an important meeting at work. How should Alex navigate this conflict in time?

Tip 2: Network And Create A LinkedIn Profile

Networking – in person and online – is essential in navigating your job search. It helps you to get a good idea of what jobs are available, and connect with prospective employers and mentors. With this in mind, consider creating a LinkedIn profile.

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Your LinkedIn profile is more than likely the first place a potential employer will check once your resume is received. As you create your profile, remember these do's and don'ts:


  • Upload a professional photo (headshot) to your profile

  • Send personalized welcome messages to build relationships

  • Request Informational interviews from industry leaders toseek advice on job searching

  • Keep your listed skills updated with what you do at your current job; a sudden change, particularly one that's not consistent with your current position, can tip off your job search

  • Turn off notifications so that your profile updates are not seen across your network


  • Tag your profile with "seeking new job opportunities" in case your current employer or co-workers follow your page

  • Forget to check and reply to requests and comments

  • Make your profile private, as a public profile is a great way to connect with potential employers

  • Ask strangers for recommendations

  • Send irrelevant messages to potential connections

Tip 3: Keep Your Job Search Private

Keep it to yourself. "Mum's the word" when embarking on your job search. While you might be tempted to talk to coworkers about your next steps, you have no control over what they might share with others.

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Keep it off social media. Be careful not to post job-related search prospects and updates on your social media platforms, as both employers and hiring managers screen accounts.

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Tip 4: Reflect On Your Talents And Wants

Soul-Search and Self-Assess. Take time to figure out your best skills and qualitiesin both your current and past jobs. In addition, jot down a few things, such as:

  • What you do and don't like about your current job. This will help focus your search.

  • Your prospective job's 'must-haves' (eg. benefits) and 'good-to-haves' (flexible work hours, remote work) so you know what kind of environment will be most suitable for you.

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Consider resources like career planning quizzes to figure out your talents and skills.

Tip 5: Stay Focused And Preserve Your Reputation

Stay focused on your current job. Even though you are spending lots of time job searching, and may have lost motivation and enthusiasm on your current job, it is important to continue performing your responsibilities to your very best.

Preserve your reputation. Try to maintain positive relationships with your current employers and leave on great terms, as you may need a reference from them for other future job opportunities. Finish strong.

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Help Jen Out

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Meet Jen, who is an annual performance review meeting with her boss. He does not know that she is actively searching for a new job. He asks, "Jen, what are your goals here over the next year?" How should she respond?

A) "I am looking to pivot within the field and be self-employed."

B) "I hope to work in another department within the company and try something new."

C) "Over the next year, I am seeking growth and progress in my professional life."


What should she say?

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