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Learn to label your emotions!

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What Are Emotions?

Emotions are how you feel and react to things that happen around you.

Emotions are experienced deep in the brain in two main areas:

  • Frontal lobe

  • Temporal lobe

Diagram of a the brain showing the frontal lobe and temporal lobe.

How Do I Know I Am Experiencing An Emotion?

Recall the last time you felt a "big" emotion, maybe after a fight with a friend. Did you notice changes in your body?

  • Pupil dilation

  • Increased sweat

  • Changes in heart rate

  • Changes in your facial expression

  • Your body feels alert and engaged

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How Does Labelling Emotions Help Me?

In so many ways...

  • Activates the readiness attention in your brain, so you can better focus on your goals

  • Reduces anxiety

  • Helps you to thrive effectively

  • Increases self-awareness

  • Helps you regulate and organize the primitive and emotional parts of your brain

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Reveal Your BEST SELF

Labelling your emotions helps you with emotional agility.

Rather than allowing your thoughts and emotions to drive you in a negative way, labelling them encourages you to deal with emotions in a way that reveals your best self.

A woman has butterfly wings on her back. She floats. The words


Peter is angry that his roommate left a mess in the bathroom. Rather than allow his anger and frustration to boil over, he calmly speaks to his roommate about the problem. This is an example of:

Get Ready To Label Your Emotions!

Set a notification on your phone to 'check-in' with your emotions.

What you need:

  • Your phone (with a notes app); OR

  • A journal

3 questions to ask yourself:

  • How am I feeling? or What emotion am I feeling?

  • How do I know am feeling this way?

  • WHY am I feeling this way?

A girl writes in a red notebook. She leans against a door. She wears a purple top and pants, eye glasses, and yellow hairband

Tips & Tricks for labelling emotions:

  • Use Emojis! Choose an emoji that expresses how you feel & write 1 word to describe the feeling.

  • Use a Feelings Wheel to help you describe the emotion.

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