Adult student going back to school

Congratulations on taking the next step to furthering your education!

Are you a mature student? You're not alone!

Many mature students worry about their first year back:

  • Will I fit in?

  • Will I have time?

  • Will I be able to budget?

  • Will I get the support I need?

Basic planning strategies will help you manage these worries so you can have a smooth first year!

Make The Time

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Make Schedules and Checklists

  • Set short-term goals each week while planning your work over each semester.

  • Organize both academic and non-academic tasks to have an accurate picture of your day/week.

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Budget and Optimize Your Time

  • Break tasks into smaller chunks.

  • Account for all tasks.

  • Know when/how you do your best work with minimal distractions.

  • Avoid procrastination!

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Ask For Help and Know Your Limits

  • Let your family know your schedule so they can support you.

  • Don't be afraid to say no!


Suzie is a full-time mature student and juggling a part-time job. With weekly quizzes, mid-terms, a project, and final exams, she finds it challenging to fit everything in. What recommendation would you make to Suzie? Select all that apply.

Control Your Expenses

Juggling the costs of school and other responsibilities can be challenging.

I spend money like I have it

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Your Budget

  • Account for the total cost of school (tuition, books, student fees, transportation, etc.)

  • Prioritize needs instead of wants

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School Resources

Take advantage of:

  • Used textbooks, eBooks, or free resources in the school library

  • Work-study programs

  • Scholarships, bursaries, emergency aid

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Student Discounts

Many organizations offer student discounts for:

  • Computers and software

  • Memberships

  • Transit

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Look into allowances and tuition reimbursement offered in your workplace.

Leverage Your Network

Take stock of those supporting you at home, work, and school.

You Are Not Alone

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Keep your family in the loop on your schedule and goals. Ask for help when needed.

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Many employers support efforts to increase and leverage new skills and may help subsidize costs. Your colleagues, manager, and Human Resources department can point you to these programs.

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Look into clubs, webinars, and learning supports specific to mature students. On the flip side, remember you have a lot of experience that will help your junior counterparts.

Take Action

Completing your education, though challenging at times, can be life-changing.

Some up-front planning and knowing your options will make for a smooth first year and beyond!

You Got This


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